Thank You, June.

Another month has passed and it’s been a challenging one for many reasons. I felt like May had some downtime with the bank holidays but June has been jam packed from the get go. I want to mention some of the things I’m thankful for this June.

thank you june,

Black Lives Matter.

I can’t reflect on June without mentioning Black Lives Matter and the events we’re seeing around the world. I’m deeply angry and saddened by the murder of George Floyd at the end of May. I’ve spent a lot of this month educating myself, listening, sharing resources, watching and reflecting and openly challenging built in racist thoughts and actions. This is a life-long journey that can’t be wrapped neatly in a bow in a monthly round up post but it needed to be mentioned that change is happening all over the world and it’s about damn time. As I write this, today is Juneteenth, a yearly celebration of the end of slavery. I’m fortunate to work at a company that supports and encourages the use of this day as an opportunity for people to educate themselves, learn, process, understand and use this to move forward into a more hopeful future. I encourage you to do the same not just on this day. You will get it wrong but that doesn’t mean you need stop trying.

Leaving the house.

June saw us actually leaving the house to see friends for the first time since March. We’re still taking lockdown and social distancing very seriously, we only leave the house for essential trips but it was actually really nice being able to sit with a friend in the park and just catch up. It gave me that top up of social interaction I needed to perk me up and enjoy some fresh air. We haven’t really made many plans to do this again as we’re being cautious but it’s nice to know there are options if we’d like to.

Hitting my running goal.

I set myself a goal to run 50km in total during June as a way to encourage me to either run more often or do some longer runs. I’ve managed to stick to this and achieve all 3, some weeks I manage to run 4 times and some weeks I’ve managed to do some 7k runs and I hit 50k with a week to spare. I’m super proud of myself and now I’m looking at setting myself a new goal for July to help keep me going. If you want to read about my running journey you can read my post I wrote recently here.


I’ve never been much of a summer person, I don’t really enjoy the heat but this year i’m really enjoying it. I think it helps that I can chose when/if I want to go out into it, rather than being forced to walk to the office etc. It’s nice to sit in the garden at lunch and read my book or sit out in the evening for a bbq. I think we’re going to look into getting some garden furniture to really take advantage of the summer now we won’t be going places as much as we had planned. It would also be lovely to have some places to sit outside for if we do invite friends over. Side note if you’d like to see what books I’ve been reading this year let me know and i’ll write a blog post about them!

Snack: Rainbow drops.

Anyone remember these?!?! We were randomly reminising about the sugar paper you could buy as kids and how weird that was and it reminded me of rainbow drops! So I managed to find a few packets on Amazon and boom, before I know it i’m binge eating entire bags at once. Totally worth it.

A few other things…

We’ve started planning and buying things for a little living room rejig. I’m excited to start a little interior project as it’s literally what I sit thinking about and browsing constantly in my spare time… We’ve also starting thinking about potentially going on a little road trip at the end of August for my birthday. I’ve also been really enjoying Schitts Creek and have somehow become obsessed with Disney History videos on YouTube, so that’s basically making me want to go Disney every single day. I also need to desperately bleach my roots and re-do my purple hair….

I also got this cute little piece done by @sewandsoph and I aboslutely love it! I’m thinking about having another done for my boyfriend so we have one each! So go check out her instagram if you fancy some cute sewing content.

What are you thankful for in June?

I’d love to hear what you’ve been loving this month. I want to know how you’re doing, what you’re doing to keep busy, have you been going outside and seeing your friends again? Also tell me what your favourite books and snacks are please. If you want to follow my day to day life, then please follow me on instagram!

Take care of yourselves,
Tarnya xox


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