Things I Want To Do Before Turning 31.

Last year I turned 30 in Disneyland Paris and it set my birthday expectations for the future pretty high, not going to lie. We’d actually planned so much travelling for 2020 that has of course, all been canned. We’d been planning on spending my 31st birthday on a 10 day road trip around Ireland, so once again I’d have been exploring somewhere new and exciting. But it’s looking like I’ll be turning 31 at the end of August at home instead.

If i’m being honest turning 31 feels more daunting than turning 30 did. 30 seemed like a celebration, something to mark an occasion and to enjoy in style however turning 31 seems to suddenly be an age of solidifying that i’m actually in my 30’s now and this past year seems to have whizzed on by…

With less than 3 months left now until Im turning 31 and potentially doing nothing special to celebrate it, I thought come up with a few little things I want to achieve or do by then. I’m hoping by writing about them it will encourage me to work hard towards these little goals and try some fun things during lock down.

Run a 10k.

I’ve been running 3 times a week since this whole lock down situation started. I’m managed to go from literally not being able to run to the end of my (very small) street to being able to run 5k 3 times a week. So i’d really like to keep going, working hard on my commitment and be able to say I’ve ran a 10k in one go! I really hope I can keep running even after we’ve gone back to seemingly normal life again.

Get our travel photo’s developed!

We were super lucky and managed to visit Melbourne, Austrlia for 2 weeks literally just before lock down was put in place. We’re big film photographer nerds and we’d taken 3 rolls of film worth of shots during our recent trip and have been desperate to get them developed. However with everything that’s happening, a lot of development studios have been shut down. So although this one is kinda out of my hands, i’d really love if we could get those sent off and returned before the end of August so we can see them and probably cry over how we won’t be travelling again for awhile yet….

Master 3 new dishes.

If lock down has taught me anything, it’s that I’ve been loving food even more than usual, cooking and baking new things is a weekly occurrence in our house now. I’ve bought a few new cook books, tried a bunch of new dishes and added personal touches to baked goods. I’ve really been enjoying it and some dishes have been a roaring success, so I want to carry this on and master a few new dishes. I even like avocado’s now! Which is a bizarre new things for me because I didn’t get the hype about them at all before!

Have a Picnic in the garden.

To follow on from the love of food, I think it would be really fun to put a proper spread together of nice little home-made treats and have a picnic in the garden with music and booze. I want to buy a cute blanket and cushions so I can read my book in the garden, eat tasty food and drink cocktails in the sun.

Finally finish my bloody cross stitch.

I took on a much-larger-than-I-though cross stitch project at the start of lock down and i’m still going at it strong 2 months in… I think i’m over half way done now, so hopefully I’ll have it all done and dusted by the end of August and I can share it with you all and hang it proudly on my wall!

Are you having a birthday in lock down?

Or have already had a birthday during lock down? If so please let me know what you did to make the day special! I’m worried it’ll end up being a hugely disappointing and nobody wants that! Although if I manage to tackle some of these goals before turning 31 I think i’ll be pretty pleased with myself. What things are you wanting to do before your next birthday? Let me know in the comments.

Tarnya xox

If you want to follow all of my progress head over to Instagram where you can keep up to date on my travel and adventures.


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