Disneyland Paris: Hate Rides? Here’s What To Do Instead!

Back in August last year I had my first experience of a Disney Park after spending my 30th birthday in Disneyland Paris thanks to my amazing boyfriend. Although I was crazy excited, I was also a little nervous because I’m not a huge ride lover. I was anxious I’d spend most of my time waiting around for Chris to enjoy the rides and not getting the ‘full’ Disney Park experience. I could not have been more wrong! I wanted to put together a guide for all the other magical things you can fill your time with if you’re not a huge ride lover and make the most of your time in the park!

Disneyland Paris: Hate Rides? Here's What To Do Instead! www.sweetallure.co.uk

Walt Disney Studios.

We decided to tackle Walt Disney Studios first as it’s the smaller park of the two parks and happens to have a couple of the cooler non-ride things to do. Also if you love Toy Story as much as me, it’s a good place to take some photos!

  • Studio Tram Tour.
    This was one of the first things we did, it’s a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of some of the film sets and special effects. Although a little cheesy (argue that’s part of it’s charm) there are some really cool effects towards the end.
  • Stunt Show.
    The stunt show is an around 40 minutes long and shows off some fun and creative car stunt tricks from the ‘movies’. I was thoroughly impressed by this show, it’s 100% worth a watch if you’re into action and big performances. From what I remember it was timed to end before the Parade in the main park, so we headed straight over after.

Disneyland Park.

The Disneyland Park is the main park in Paris and has heaps of things to do if you’re not into roller coasters.

  • Horse Drawn Street Cars.
    These wern’t running when we went but if you’re interested in having a horse drawn cart ride around main street then this is a different way to enjoy the park.
  • Exploring Sleeping Beauties Castle.
    The castle is beautiful! From the stained glass windows that covers the walls, to the dragon lurking in the caves below, it’s fun to explore the iconic building.
  • The Parade.
    You can’t go to DLP without seeing the parade! I didn’t think I would be bothered by the parade but it’s such a huge display, bright colours and impressive floats, it’s hard not to enjoy the magic. It’s a great way to see all your favourite characters and enjoy some fire breathing action from the dragon herself!
  • Disney Railroad.
    This was closed during our visit and we were really gutted about it because it’s such a sweet thing. The Railroad is a old-timey train that takes you on a tour of the park. I imagine this is a great way to slow down and relax a little and enjoy the view.
  • Fireworks Display.
    In the evening once the light has faded the park puts on a huge fireworks display. It takes place around the castle to music and projections and is a wonderful way to round off your day before heading out of the park (booo!).
  • Alice’s Curious Labyrinth.
    This is a fun little maze to explore! Aimed more to children but still fun to navigate your way around and the little castle gives a nice view of Fantasy Land.
  • Thunder Mesa Riverboat.
    We loved our trip on Molly Brown, the weather was beautiful and it was a lovely bit of downtime from the madness of the parks to just enjoy the ride and view.
  • Exploring!
    I dont think I can encourage you enough to just go exploring all the little areas. There are so many cool little hidden paths and caves and things to see. We spent a lot of time just getting lost and finding our way around and enjoying the detail and immersiveness of the world. Frontierland and Adventureland was our favourite places to do that. With special mention to Main Street for all your Instagrammable photo oppertunities!
Disneyland Paris: Hate Rides? Here's What To Do Instead! www.sweetallure.co.uk
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Everything else!

The fun doesn’t have to just include attractions! There are plenty of shops, resturants, snacks and views to enjoy too!

  • Shopping!
    It wouldn’t be the same without taking home a disney themed souvineer right? Whether that’s Disney plushies, LEGO, pin badges or Starbuck park mugs… you’ve not been without the tshirt to prove it! I spent a lot of time just browsing all the cool things you can buy and trying to decide how much money I wanted to spend…spoiler it was a lot.
  • Resturants.
    There are a variety of food options during your time in the parks. There is a huge selection at the Disney Village with more budget friend options. Or you can try your luck at getting a reservation at one of the parks resturants for a more Disney and expensive experience. We ate at SilverSpur Steakhouse and really enjoyed our meal but was pretty pricey at around 45 Euros a head (without drinks).
  • Character Meets.
    Personally this isn’t really a big thing for me but there is plenty of oppertunities to meet your childhood friends, including the Princess Pavilion. There are also lots of station around the parks with character meets, you just have to find your favourites!
  • Non-coaster rides.
    There are a few ‘rides’ that arn’t really rides, we’ll call them ‘experiences’. We did a few of these and they are a nice break from walking around. Phantom Manor, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs and Adventure Isle are a few we enjoyed. We did miss a few but they’re top of our list for the next visit!
  • Disney Snacks.
    Mickey shaped snacks are a big thing! We only manged to find the waffles on our visit but there are a variety of Mickey shaped food items to find during your stay at the park, they also change seasonally too! We definitely want to find and taste more during our next visit.

So you hate rides huh?

You can still enjoy Disneyland Paris as much as everyone else! The rides are only a fraction of the things you can do in the park, it really isn’t something that should be stopping you going and enjoying your Disney dreams. There’s so much to do and see, with changes and expansions happening often, there’s enough for multiple days and mutliple visits. As someone who has tried to enjoy rides but just don’t, we’re planning another visit ASAP to go do all the other things we didn’t get to during our 2 full days visit last year. If this post hasn’t convinced you, i’m not sure what will!

Do you love Disneyland Paris even though you hate rides? Is there something you love that i’ve missed off the list? I’d love to hear about it!

Tarnya xox

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