My Version Of Self Love.

In a time where self love is more important than ever, everyone is really focusing on those things that make us happy and forget the craziness of real life. Self love is entirely individual to each of us and is completely open to interpretation. I thought I’d share a few things I do to look after myself when I need down time to myself or need to regenerate after an intensive work day or social event. I’m definitely a social introvert, which means I love socialising but I need down time and alone time to ‘recover’ after. I like to be near people but I also like my own space to return to when i’m overwhelmed.

Singing in the shower.

I’m a singer and no I don’t mean like Adele. I love singing, I love belting out songs in the car or listening to Disney songs and dancing around the room. But I love nothing more than to put on some tunes in the shower and sing it out because everyone sounds better in the shower right… I’m pretty sure my boyfriend hates me every single time but hey, i’m not going to nail my Frozen 2 solo without practice…

Reading wrapped in a blanket or in bed.

Reading is my comfort. It’s the thing that gives me time to switch off and zone out in another world. I know when something isn’t quite right with my mental health when I find it hard to focus enough to read, it’s a little friendly reminder to check in with myself. I love reading and it’s perfect for my alone time as my partner doesn’t really read much, so he’s happy to give me the space I need. I find it a great way to unwind before bed and I generally sleep a lot better if I have half an hour of reading before inevitably falling asleep. If I don’t have the strength to hold up a book, I listen to an audiobook instead.

I’ve also started having lazy mornings on weekends where I read in bed for half an hour before getting up, Chris always brings me up a cup of tea and if i’m lucky a little pastry! It’s the perfect way to start the day.

Exploring Somewhere/Being Out In Nature.

I’m an explorer, I like nothing more than going somewhere new and discovering fun new areas and places. When I was a kid my dad used to drive me around in his car to soothe me to sleep and ever since I have this strange calmness when i’m in a car. Going for a drive in the countryside with Chris is one of my favourite things to do when we’re not full on travelling. Going for a walk in the park or visiting our favourite spots to admire the view is something that really makes me happy and refils my happiness metre. It’s a little dose of self love. I share all of my little adventures on my instagram, follow me over there to keep up to date with them!

Tidying and Organising My Space.

Tidy space, tidy mind definitely applies to me. Self love means spending time organising and tidying my work space, the living room, the bedroom, anywhere where I want to relax and unwind. I can’t focus when the immediate area around me is messy, I find it too distracting. So occasionally I take some time to tidy things away, wipe down areas, throw bits of paper away with scribbles on etc. I find it very therapeutic to make things look pretty and neat. Yes I know I sound crazy…

Washing My Hair.

If anything screams self care, then washing your hair is that scream. Who doesn’t love freshly cleaned and blow dried hair? It’s literally one of the times I feel the absolute best about myself. However the pure effort it takes means it’s so easy to put off, not bother and leave it for days. So when I do the ‘hair wash shower’ (we all know there are different types, the quick one, the hair wash, the shave everything full works one..) I like to blast out the tunes, sing along and really enjoy that time alone…

Whats your version of self love?

Do you have certain little things you do to look after yourself? Have any tips you think I might like to get away from it all and have some ‘me’ time? Do you enjoy the same things as me to unwind? I’d love to chat to you in the comments!

Hope you’re taking care of yourself during this time.
Tarnya xox

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