Creative Things For Adults To Do At Home.

It’s probably not news to you that i’m a creative type, I write a blog, own a watercolour etsy shop and take photo’s of anything that moves. But I know it’s not the norm for a lot of adults out there and right now you’re all in need of some new indoor hobbies to keep you occupied during the pandemic lock down.

I thought i’d put together a list of creative things for adult to do at home that don’t cost the earth, may teach you some new skills and hopefully keep you occupied, calm and relaxed during these abnormal times.

creative things for adults to do at home

Cross Stitch.

I become obsessed with Cross Stitch when I was a kid seeing my mum,dad and nan doing them. I think these are quite a nice and easy way of easing you into some creative sewing activities. I’d start with some fairly simple kits, like the one I recently got from Threadordeadclub. This one has only one colour and a pretty simple pattern to follow to get to grips with it and you end up with a gorgeous new piece for your home! Cross Stitch patterns have definitely come a long way since my childhood and you can find one for pretty much anything now on Etsy. So why not nerd out and create a piece of the fandom you love for you home or for friend and family. Nothing is more personal than a hand made gift, so start stitching!

Scrapbook/Photo Albums.

I’ve actually spoke about this before on my blog here but I love a good scrapbook! If you’re one of those people who take thousands of photos, love travelling or just enjoy taking photos of friends and family. I’d highly recommend printing them out and putting those memories in a physical place to look over them. These also make lovely gifts for friends and family, it’s such a personal touch to put your time together in a special place for look at. You’d be suprised at home much stuff you get up to when you actually look over all your photos!

Photography Challenges.

Don’t have any photos to put into a scrapbook? Fear not, a photography challenge is for you! You can find lots of 30 day photography challenges online that give you something new to snap everyday or you can pick 2 random letters of the alphabet and only snap things that begin with those letters (we have this as a weekly challenge at work!). Now is a good time to challenge yourself creatively with your photography and try some new techniques. Specially photographing things you wouldn’t normally want/think about doing, so it gives you a new way of looking at your surroundings.

Building LEGO.

Alright you might have to spend some money on this one…or maybe you had some kits lying around you were bought 2 christmasses ago (it can’t just be me?!). There is no better time than to crack em out at the dining room table with snacks and some podcasts and build some cool stuff. I actually find it really theraputic having something that needs your full attention and seeing it come alive. See also Jigsaw Puzzles.

Paint by numbers.

Another childhood favourite of mine, paint by numbers is kinda cheating but who cares because it’s fun?! Again these have come quite a way since the tacky paintings of 20 years ago. If you dig around online you can find some quite modern ones, including Disney and Studio Ghibli. Again these are great for concerntrating on something other than your phone for a couple of hours and can definitely be scaled from easier starter kits to seriously complicated.

Creating A Quiz!

This is something I’ve actually started doing weekly on Monday nights at 7pm over on my Instagram. I’ve been taking part in quite a few pub quizes at home with my boyfriend and friends and decided to just give it a go myself. Turns out it’s actually just as fun to come up with questions, find the answers and present your quiz to the world too. I’ve been making mine themed each week to ease me into it, but I might go full pub quiz master soon and make a general knowledge stlye one. Whether you’re presenting it to your friends and family or sharing with your instagram following, why not give it a go and see how well you actually know some the topics you’re doing!

Drawing Challenges.

I actually know a few people who’ve been doing this but drawing challenges are a great way to practice your skills but also draw something you might not normally draw? Whether it’s getting your friends to suggest characters/things to you or whether (like my friend) you decided to try and tackle drawing all of the 151 original pokemon, why not give it a go?!

Paint along with Bob Ross.

I get this one is very specific but as someone who watches a lot of Bob Ross tutorials to fall asleep to (they’re actually super realxing) I kinda want to follow one and see how awesome/terrible the painting turns out?! It’s the kind of happy accidents we want right?


Whether you’ve always wanted to start a blog or you’ve been sat on a novel idea for years but never had the courage to start it, why not set some time aside to give it a go? If it’s not for you or you find it hard to do in such a difficult time then at least you gave it a go! Writing isn’t for everyone but I’ve found that experiementing with different ways of writing really helpful. Bullet Journals, lists, diary/brain dumps, writing your dreams down, blog posts, poetry or writing a travel journal along side the photos in your scrapbook, it doesn’t have to be as ‘structured’ as you might think.

Anything sparked your creative juices?

I hope i’ve shared something that has sparked your interest in the creative department. I really do think there is a creative hobby for everyone you just have to find the right one for you! If i’ve missed any fun/easy/cheap things off this list please let me know in the comments below, i’m always up for adding another hobby to my never ending list….


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