5 Book + 5 Podcast Recommendations.

I was already a big reader and podcast listener but since spending more time at home I have found more time to explore and find new ones to fall in love with. I’m running more and that 30 minutes to myself to just be outside the house is a perfect time for me to listen to an audiobook or podcast. Whilst during those moments of much needed alone time from my 2 housemates is where I spent time escaping into a book. So I have some recommendations if you’re looking for something new to read or listen to!

5 Book + 5 Podcast Recommendations www.sweetallure.co.uk


Pinch of Magic by Michelle Harrison.

This is a book about 3 sisters who are trapped in a town by an ancient curse. It’s a story about 3 sisters discovering more about themselves and their family, learning of magical items passed down for generations and attempting to break the curse to set them free. I really enjoyed this book and blasted through it quite quickly. I’m actually currently reading the sequal right now and enjoying that too!

The Binding by Bridget Collins.

The Binding is about a fantasy world where you can be ‘binded’. This is where you can have your memories binded to a book to erase them from our mind. Emmett is a Binders apprentice and one day he discovers a book with his own name on in her vault. This book took me by surprise as I didn’t realise it was more of a love story but it’s not a bad thing!

The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary.

This book is doing the rounds at the minute, it seems to be super popular on social media. It was on offer for 99p in the Kindle store and someone bought it for me from my Amazon Wish list. so I gave it ago. I was actually really surpised by this novel, it’s a love story but with truamatic past relationships as a common theme. It was really easy to read with a fun dynamic and I would and have recommended it to friends since. It’s a great little book.

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd.

This was another 99p bargain from the Kindle Store. It’s about a little girl called Lily living in a rough household with her father. When the black maid insults 3 of the towns racists and gets arrested, Lily is determined to break her out. They go on the run and end up staying in a Bee Keepers house, living and breathing bees and honey. This is a coming of age story, surrounded by strong black female rolemodels. This was something so different to anything I’d read before and was a very heartwarming read.

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides.

A famous painter and her photographer husband live a seeminly perfect life until one day Alicia shoots her husband 5 times in the face. Then never speaks another word. Theo is a criminal phychotherapist and fascinated by Alicia’s case and finally manages to work with her as he tries to get her to talk and unravel the real story. This book is brilliant with lots of twists and truns and I couldn’t put it down, I read the book in 1 day. Highly recommend this for any thriller fans out there!


You’ll Do.

This is a podcast about real talk about relationships. No sugar coating or #couplegoals here, they get right into the nitty gritty about things we hate about each other, the reasons why we love our partners and a funny way to know you’re not alone with all the things that annoy you. I’ve blasted through all 7 episodes already and can’t wait for the next uploads.

Grounded with Louis Theroux.

If you didn’t already know, i’m hugely obsessed with Louis Theroux and now I get a weekly fix with his new Podcast. It’s a standard interview format but what’s not to like? More Louis the better in my opinion.

Conan Needs A Friend.

This is Conan O’Briens podcast where he talks with a bunch of celebrities in an aid to make friends. These are less interviews than more casual chats with celeb friends but it’s really easy listening and more candid conversations. I don’t normally like american tv hosts, but this is really enjoyable.

Shagged, Married, Annoyed.

I must have seen this podcast mentioned everywhere and never really got around to listening but decided to give it a go whilst doing some housework last week. I’ve found myself laughing out loud to this podcast, Chris and Rosie Ramsey are really down to earth and hilarious, I had no idea who they are in the celebrity world but it’s a great way to just escape from the world for an hour and listen to a genuinley funny and real down to earth couple.

My Favourite Murder.

I think I’ve mentioned this podcast on every recommendations post i’ve ever written but it’s my go-to listen when I want to escape. It’s a true-crime podcast where they talk through new cases every week but with good stories thrown in too. I love these ladies and they really do comfort me like 2 old friends.

Have any of your own recommendations?

Almost all of these podcasts can be found on spotify for free, so very easily accessible if you want to broaded your listening horizons. Whilst keeping an amazon list of books is helpful for tracking the prices changes. I love my kindle for ease of being able to instantly buy a new book once i’ve finished the last one, even if the prices are generally a little higher.

I hope you found some new things to read or listen to from this list. I’d love to ear from you if you have others to recommend or have enjoyed ones from this list too! I’m always excited to add new things to my list for the future, who doesn’t need things to look forwad right now? If you want to keep up to date with all my reading i’d love to connect on Goodreads.

Hope you’re all well!
Tarnya xox

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