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I’ve been running my Etsy Store for around 4 years now selling Disney and Harry Potter inspired watercolour prints. It’s popularity took off quite quickly and it was a very steep learning curve trying to run a small business from my living room! But i’ve definitely learned a few things over the years, so I wanted to share 4 of my top tips with you in todays post.

Don’t put things off.

This sounds like such an obvious one, but it really can build up and be the cause of lots of anxiety. All those little tasks or things you need doing, try to keep on top of them as soon as they come up. Whether that’s keeping on top of your ink cartridge supplies, buying stamps, printing orders, replying to customer messages or keep on top of your packaging supplies, try and get them done as and when they come in rather than stacking everything up and getting overwhelmed. It sometimes still happends to me and it’s one of the things that cause me great anxiety owning a small biz.

Ethical Packaging.

As someone who sends prints, packaging is really important to protect the pieces i’m sending to customers and make sure they arrive in the best condition possible. No one wants a water soaked bent at the edges print for their wall! It’s also really important to me that the cardboard packaging is recyclable, I personally believe in looking after the planet and doing my bit as a small business is important.

Don’t be afraid to promote yourself.

I’ve spoken to a lot of people over the years who’ve either wanted advice on starting their own small business or people who’ve been running them for years and have become friends and self doubt is always a problem. We all have it, it’s probably pretty normal but it’s always holding you back. If you don’t self promote as a small business, you won’t make sales. Self promotion is the key to your success, you need to show the world what you’re making/doing and show them why they need it in their lives. One tweet an hour sounds like a lot but when you’ve got 6k followers, the chance of that 1 tweet being seen every hour is very little, people only see what’s the top of their feed and unless your tweet is there, it’ll get missed. Be creative, vary it, make it fun, but make sure you’re doing it.


This is something I’ve definitely struggled with over the years, give me a meal or building and I can take a decent picture, but product photography is not my thing. It’s really hard to have a recognisable style for your photography, whether it’s taking photo’s infront of bright coloured card, or very elaborate staged shots, experiement and figure out what works for you and stick to it. Do what makes your products shine like they should and show them off to the world!

Thinking of starting a small biz?

If you are, I hope these tips help give you some guidance during the start! Being prepared and promoting yourself is key to pushing for success. At times it’ll be hard but keep going, keep trying and you’ll learn and develop along the way. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me!

Tarnya xox

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