Thank You, April.

Is it just me or has time been going surprisingly fast during lock down? Feels like only 2 minutes ago I was putting together my Thank you, March post, but here I am writing April already.

Hi, hello, lets start with a check in. How are you doing? Are you being easy on yourself? Being kind to yourself too as well as your friends/family/partners is very important. Are you making time to do the things that make you happy? I really hope you are looking after yourselves, even if it feels a little tough right now.

I’ll be honest and say I’ve been having some very up and down weeks, just like alot of people I know. Some days I’m completely fine and other days i’m exhausted, not sleeping, low on energy and need to sit in a blanket watching tv the whole evening to switch my brain off. Whatever you’re doing, it’s okay.

Personally I find taking a minute every day to just sit and list a few things I’m grateful for in all of this, really helps to keep me grounded and in touch with my feelings. So here are a few things I’ve been thankful for in April.


As part of this being in lock down thang, I’ve been trying to find ways to keep exercising. I usually walk around 10k steps everyday when i’m walking into the office so moving the 20 steps from the bedroom to the dining room isn’t going to cut it. I decided to start running again. It turns out I think i’ve been running wrong my entire life!? Because now for some reason I can run like 3k and i’ve never managed 300 metres before. I’ve slowed down my pace a lot and taken in slower but more consistently and it seems to be working! I’ve ran a few 5k’s in April which is amazing, so hoping to keep running 3 times a week to keep my fitness and activity up.

My variety of hobbies…

So I was already one of those annoying people that had loads of hobbies. I love reading, gaming, painting, writing, creating, cooking blah blah. So being stuck inside where all my hobbies happen to be hasn’t meant too much adjustment. If anything, i’m struggling to pick between what hobby to do first. I’ve been really enjoying Cross Stitching at the minute, I got a fun kit from ThreadorDeadClub of the 9 3/4 Hogwarts sign. Which I absolutely loved doing and will be using the pattern again as I want to gift them to my HP loving friends in the future. I’ve also started another epic Hogwarts Castle piece that i’ll probably show in my next months update, as it will take me months haha.

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I seem to have become obsessed with Oreas? Not really sure how that happened, although them being on offer at 50p a packet probably has something to do with it…. Oddly I used to hate Oreas but now I can’t get enough of them.

A collection of shows…

I’ve been watching a lot of TV recently. We’ve been working our way through Bojack Horseman and finally finished that this week. Well worth a watch if you haven’t already. I’ve also started watching Killing Eve after I’ve heard so much hype about it and abosolutely can’t get enough, i’ve basically watched through the first season in 2 sittings. Not to mention anything and everything on Disney+. Next on the list to tackle is After Life Season 2 and watching Gilmore Girls as i’ve never seen an episode, which is probably some kind of blogger sin at this point.

I made a quiz…

I also spent some time this making a fun little Disney quiz over on my Instagram. I’ve been really enjoying taking part in some pub quizzes from home, so thought I’d make my own! All 15 questiosn are stored on my Disney Quiz highlight on my profile if you fancy taking part, let me know what score you get! I’m planning on doing these every 7pm on monday evenings until I get bored, basicallly. I’ve already written my Harry Potter themed one for next week. All topic suggestions are very welcome!

Few other things…

I finally got around to building some of the Lego I was gifted for Christmas, so that was a welcome distraction one Sunday afternoon. We’ve started a new house tradition of take-away Wednesdays in the bid to mix up our evening meals but also support some local businesses and resturants. I’ve also been enjoying the Amazon Wishlist gifting trend at the moment, it’s been really nice being able to gift things to people and spread some joy to others during this difficult time. Having some little presents arrive have definitely made me smile, so i’m humbled to know I’ve helped some other people. I’ve still playing Animal Crossing and reading a butt load too.

What are you thankful in April?

Have you started getting into a rhythm at home now? Does that first cup of coffee/tea in the morning bring a smile to your face? Maybe it’s a podcast you’ve been loving recently or the weekly chat you have with your family? I’d really love to know what’s making you grateful and thankful this April.

I really hope you’re keeping well and safe.
Take care of yourselves,
Tarnya xox


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