Scotland Road Trip: Day 11-15

This is part 3 of my Scotland road trip mini series where I’m sharing all the details of day 11- 15 of our road trip in our Land Rover. If you’d like to catch up on Day 1-5 of this Scotland roadtrip you can do so here or see what we got up from day 6-10 here.

Scotland Road Trip: Day 11-15

Day 11: Isle of Skye, Old Man of Storr, Kilt Rock & Mealt Falls and Neist Point Lighthouse.

We started our journey around the Isle of Skye early in the morning and were greeted with gloomy weather which is pretty typical on Skye. We headed to the Old Man of Storr first and opted not to do the hike out to it so had to settle for a long distance photo.

We carried on around the island to Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls next, which was very touristy. Not sure if it was because we arrived late morning/lunch time but when we got here there were multiple tour buses. We waited it out to get some photo’s which was worth it as the weather had cleared up. This was a beautiful little spot and I would have stuck around here longer if there wasn’t so many people.

We spent most of the afternoon just exploring and taking in most of the island as the weather had turned beautiful including a few little stops with the binoculars for wildlife spotting. We had lunch and a cuppa on the road as we wanted to do as much of the island in one day as we could.

Our final spot on the list for the day was Neist Point Lighthouse. The views of this was absolutely beautiful and spent a little while just taking some photos, having a rest and just enjoying the view. The weather was perfect at this point so we wanted to soak it up incase it didn’t last long….more on that point later!

We then headed off to find a campsite as close to the ferry point as we could so we could jump over to the mainland the next day.

Day 12: Glenfinnan Viaduct

We had a lazy morning and took a ferry over to mainland Scotland to head directly for Glenfinnan Viaduct, aka the Hogwarts Express Steam Train. We arrived around midday and it was so busy we debated about turning around and leaving. However we persevered and found a parking spot about a mile walk down the road and decided to suck up the walk to see the view.

Whilst we were there looking up at the bridge taking photo’s one of the trains went by! It was such a shock that we were there when it happened and it made so much sense now why the place was so incredibly busy. I got so excited about the train and it happening whilst I was there I got super emotional and had a little cry like the lame Harry Potter fan I am.

After the initial shock was over we took some time to walk right up the bridge to get some cool upclose photos and low and behold another train goes by!!! How incrediblely lucky are we that we didn’t actually look at the train times at all but managed to be there when 2 went past. Pretty crazy and completely magical.

The weather was pretty awful that day so we decided to call it quits after the trains and find a camp site to read our books, watch some Netflix and relax. We ended up having dinner in a hotel resturant after finding out that they were fully booked, booo. So we wild camped as close to the ferry as possible to get the first ferry over to the Isle of Mull in the morning. We spent some of the evening looking at a group of deer that wandered really close to the car.

Day 13: Isle of Mull, Glen Coe and Dunoon.

The weather was the worst of the trip so far that morning and the roof tent got absolutely drenched. Morale was not very high that morning….

We got the first ferry over to the Isle of Mull in the early morning and managed to find ourselves a little cafe to have a coffee and a bacon sarnie whilst using the wifi to plan the day, pure bliss. We then headed off on our adventure around the island.

The weather was absolutely awful all morning, it was very cloudy, grey and rained heavily, so although some of the views were great when the clouds parted, we couldn’t see much at all. After a few stops along the way to see some super rare white tailed eagles we decided to call it quits on Mull. After a long conversation we decided take the rest of the day to canon ball all the way to Dunoon, where Chris’s mum lives so we could sleep in a proper bed that night.

We went via Glen Coe where we planned to get there for around sunset and see the place in an amazing view. It did not disappoint and we spent half hour here taking photos and just exploring the place a little. We still had hundreds of mile left to get to Dunoon and knew we wouldn’t get there till around midnight so didn’t want to spend too much time there. So we hit the road.

We arrived in Dunoon at around midnight and spent 20 minutes in the pitch black and pouring rain trying to find the spare key in the garden before getting into the house and quite literally crashing into bed for a long overdue sleep.

Day 14: Benmore Botanic Gardens and a well earned rest.

We had a great lie in at Chris’s mums house and had a slow morning having a proper hot shower and a cup of tea whilst watching generic TV, oh the novelty.

We decided to visit Benmore Botanic Gardens as the weather was nice to enjoy our last day of freedom before having to head home the next day. It was a lovely garden to walk around and we spent ages watching the rare red squirrels, perfectly photographed by Chris above. On the way home we went via the supermarket and picked up some steaks to cook that night as during the trip was our 1 year anniversary and we never found a nice resturant to celebrate in! So we had a bit of a date night with steak and wine to celebrate us but also the end of an amazing trip as the next day was the long drive home from Scotland.

Day 15: Drive the billion miles home.

As you can probably tell, day 15 was the last day of our trip around Scotland and we spent the whole day driving home to Leamington Spa. It’s a 9? hour drive so we just took it slow, stopped for dinner at motorway stations and got home late on the saturday. We made sure we had the sunday to unpack, wash our clothes and relax before going back to work on the monday.

and that’s it!

Well that was our 15 day road trip around Scotland and the UK. It was honestly pretty epic and so much of it took me by surprise from it’s pure beautiful scenery. I always heard Scotland was stunning but never had the chance to really explore it properly! There is definitely some other places we want to explore in the future too as it’s such a huge place.

I really hope you enjoyed this series, its been an epic project to write and edit all these photo’s! Hopefully i’ve encouraged you to go visit Scotland!!

Stay tuned for my Europe road trip series coming soon!

Tarnya xox


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