48 Hours In London.

Back in November last year (jeez where does the time go!?) we booked ourselves a weekend away in London. We’d managed to snag some Tutankhamun exhibitions tickets at the Saatchi & Saatchi at the end of November and decided to make a little weekend of it.

I used to live in London during and after university so I enjoy visiting from time to time and Chris hasn’t spent much time in London, so I thought it was a nice time to also show him some of the sights.


We headed down on the train on saturday morning. Our tickets for the exhibition were for 2pm so we headed straight to the Saatchi and Saatchi gallery in Chelsea. There was a little market outside so we found some lunch and relaxed a little before joining the queue for the exhibition.

The Tutankhamun Exhibition was an exhibition that focused on all the items found in Tutankhamun tomb. A lot of the items shown hadn’t been shown outside of Egypt before, which was pretty special. It was actually pretty busy during the exhibition as you all enter at the same time, so we tried to hang around and let the crowds filter through infront of us so we could really look at all the pieces properly.

It was a really good exhibition for those obsessed with ancient Egypt aka, me. My favourite piece was a tiny little game carved beautifully from wood, it was so tiny! and alot of the jewellery was very pretty and dainty. I think this is the last time some of these pieces are being shown, so I felt very lucky to see them, especially as i’m probably not likely to visit Egypt any time soon. After spending a few hours in the exhibition and emerging into a now dark London…we decided to head to our hotel in Canary Wharf to check in and dump our bags.

We decided to stay at the Novotel, it was reasonably priced and looked pretty modern and swanky. When we arrived they told us that we’d been upgraded to a suite! Which was a very nice suprise, so we had a nice little sofa/tv area for extra chillout time. We relaxed for a little bit before heading out to find dinner. I introduced Chris to Byron Burger as he’s never had one before!

We then headed to Oxford Street to visit the new Microsoft store as we wanted to upgrade some of our tech and as employee’s we get discount in the store, so wanted to take full advantage of that! We also grabbed ourselves the new Xbox Elite Controller, which was pricey but totally worth the money.

After this we made our way back to Canary Wharf, had a wander around the place at night and I reminisced about meeting my friend here after she finished work some evenings for a drink when I lived in London.


We woke early to have breakfast in the hotel, which gave us a pretty foggy but cool view of the river whilst we drank our coffee. We said our goodbyes to our fancy room and decided to head to Buckingham Palace. I’m not particulary into the royal family but we’d just finished watching Series 3 of The Crown on Netflix and as both of us had never seen it, thought it might be a nice walk. We headed to Green Park station, grabbed a coffee and walked through Green Park down to the Palace.

Our train wasn’t until 4pm so I thought it might be a cool idea to take Chris to Namco Arcade on the South Bank, which sits just next to the London Eye. So we decided to walk there down by St James’s Park, which takes you past Westminster and over the bridge to the South Bank.

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Namco Arcade is a huge retro arcade with loads of cool games in it. When I was working for Sega, we had our Christmas party here and it was really fun! So Chris and I went and killed the time before our train by playing Tomb Raider, Halo and whatever else. Spending our hard earned cash shooting bad guys! It was quite fun actually and I feel like sometimes it’s a little hidden secret right next to such a huge attraction, we went on a sunday afternoon and it wasn’t really busy at all.

Have you been to London recently?

Having lived there for 4 years I don’t visit too often, mostly because I really don’t miss the crazy rush and way of life there. But I do occasionally like to spend some time there in small doses. It was really nice to explore some of the city i’d never been to before and show Chris a couple of new places. It was really fun to just be a kid for abit and play in the arcade.

Whats your favourite place in London? Have you got any little hidden spots you suggest (but keep mostly to yourself!)? Would you visit any of the places I mentioned? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Tarnya xox

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