Thank You, March.

I think right now amongst all the negativity that’s going on in the world, we need more than ever to focus on some of the good, positive things that happen to us. Finding ways to enjoy the small things, discovering and trying new things in this time of being home bound and limited is super important. It’s a time to re-connect with friends and love ones and re-engage those hobbies we didn’t have time for before all this. So I wanted to share some of the things I’m thankful for this March.

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Melbourne, Austrlia.

We were super lucky that our holiday to Melbourne, Australia still went ahead and we managed to have a 2 week amazing break before the UK went into lock down. We really understand how lucky we are to have had a major holiday before everything got cancelled. We too had lots of travel plans for this year that obviously are on hold, so being able to explore a new city this March was incredible.

I’ll be writing a lot about this trip over the coming months in more detail but it far surpassed any expectations I had for the holiday. The coffee is amazing, the food was incredible and the weather, sites and the city was beauitful. It’s made me really want to go to New Zealand, although I’m happy to not have a 28hour flight again for at least another couple of years….

I’m sharing lots of holiday snaps and I’ve saved all the stories posted in my highlights over on my Instagram, so i’d love it if you could follow along for the ride!

Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing.

I’d been umming and ahhing about buying one of these for awhile now and didn’t really have that ‘thing’ that tipped the scales to make me buy it. But as soon as I heard about UK lock down I ordered myself the Switch Lite with Animal Crossing, as it’s the perfect little relaxing game to sit and play and try and escape the world. At £250 total it’s quite an expensive purchase…but seeing as I can’t go anywhere else for the next 3 months…. I think it’s a worthwhile purchase! I’ve already played like 20 hours of Animal Crossing and ordered MarioKart and Zelda: Breathe of the Wild to sink my teeth into next.

Dairy Milk – Snack

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For some reason, Australia get some amazing selections of Dairy Milk that the UK don’t. I came across ‘ Dairy milk Snack’ which has 6 different flavoured fillings in it, Turkish delight, Pinapple, Strawberry, Caramel, Orange and Coconut Ice. It’s amazing and I didn’t get a chance to buy more to bring home to the UK after realising how amazing it was. I just had a brief look on amazon and it’s £9 a bar! blimey. It was certainly my snack of the month and gave me many moments of joy.

Disney +

Man have I been waiting for what seems like a lifetime for this to finally be released in the UK! I’ve already got my little ‘to watch’ list set up and ready. I’ve watched the first episode of ‘Imagineers‘ and it was as good as I’d hoped! Although I’m kinda annoyed that Disney are releasing things week on week, especially as all other countries have the full series now due to being released much earlier. Seems a little harsh for the UK tbh. Eitherway, i’m excited to make good use of it over the next few weeks.

Still reading…

I’m current on book 13 of the year so far! I’ve been reading lots of 99p books from the kindle store. Especially with the amount of travelling i’ve done this month, I’ve had alot of time to read. Things I’ve read this month are The Other Son by Nick Alexander, The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd and finally The Places I’ve Cried In Public by Holly Bourne. Please follow me on Goodreads here if you fancy keeping up to date with my books!

A Few More Things….

Coming home and being back in my own bed…nothing quite like that is there?! The Starbucks Melbourne mug I bought to add to my collection. Getting out and about for walks again. I’ve ordered this years scrapbook and I’m ready to start my 2020 one this weekend. Getting back into writing on my blog, I’m excited to create and share some new content this year. I’m also hoping with the lack of going out and things to do, I might be able to save more money than usual for all those plans to book later in the year….

What are you thankful in March?

I know this is a very strange one and it can seem like there are no positives in such a tough time, but what are you thankful for this March? What has made you smile? Whether its talking to your friends and family over videocall or watching your go-to happy tv show to cheer you up, i’d love to know what you’re thankful in March in the comments below!

Be kind and stay safe,
Tarnya xox

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