Scotland Road Trip: Day 6-10

This is part 2 of my Scotland road trip mini series where I’m sharing all the details of day 6- 10 of our road trip in our Land Rover. If you’d like to catch up on Day 1-5 of this Scotland roadtrip you can do so here.

Day 6: Loch Ness, Falls Of Foyer, Fort Augustus and Invermoriston.

Day 6 was mostly about Loch Ness, Scotland is obviously famous for the Loch Ness Monster which we didn’t see any sightings of unfortunately! One side of the lake is actually the more ‘Instagramable’ side but we decided to drive around the entire thing. We pulled up early on to get some photos, which was a good plan because for pretty much the rest of the day the weather was so awful we couldn’t see any of it.

On the drive around we stopped at the Falls of Foyer, which is a lovely little waterfall. It’s down quite a steep and narrow path though, so I wouldn’t recommend if you have slippy shoes or have issues with walking. Chris quite literally had a fall at the Falls of Foyer on the viewing platform and bruised his elbow and arm quite badly, so be careful as it can get quite slippy.

Further around the Loch we decided to drop into Fort Augustus, this is a pretty little town but a major tourist hot spot. We were immediately surrounded by coaches of tourists. If i’m being completely honest, we intended to have a nice little lunch here but what really happened was we grabbed some fish and chips, took them back to the car and got the hell out of there. We literally drove 3 minutes down the road and pulled in at a picnic spot where it was deserted and ate there instead. It might sound really anti-social but we don’t road trip to spend time surrounded by hundreds of tourists, we want to discover amazing off the beaten track places instead. So yeah, it wasn’t for us unfortunately.

We carried on driving around the other side of Loch Ness and stumbled across Invermoriston which is just a little town, but we went over a bridge with a beautiful view. We spent ages taking photo’s of a hut at the side of the river that looked like something Hagrid from Harry Potter would live in.

We then headed back to our air Bnb in Boat a Garten for our last night there where we washed and dried some clothes, packed up and got a cosy night’s sleep before heading off in the morning.

Day 7: North Coast 500: Dunrobin Castle, Duncansby Stacks and Wild Camping at Dunnet’s Head.

Day 7 we officially started on the North Coast 500 route which starts at Inverness. So we headed north for our first stop at Dunrobin Castle. We absolutely loved Dunrobin castle and it was totally worth the £12 each. (This was the first attraction we’d paid for so far!) We had a walk around the grounds and the castle, enjoyed an amazing Falconry show and a strange taxidermy museum thrown in for good measure. We spent a good portion of the day here, so would definitely recommend this for a family day out.

We then carried on North to Duncansby Stacks. These are quite a famous spot in Scotland and you can see why, it was absolutely stunning. We parked up and walked up to it to take some photos, on the way up we were hearing some really strange noises and stumbled across a huge rock cliff covered entirely in Puffins! I really wasn’t expecting to stumble across thousands of Puffins so that was pretty cool! After dragging ourselves away from the stunning view we headed to Dunnet’s Head where we parked up to Wild Camp for the first time. Scotland’s laws on camping is a lot less strict than the rest of the UK. You can camp anywhere as long as there isn’t a sign saying not to. So this is how we were planning on saving money throughout the trip, wild camping wherever possible and camp sites for access to showers.

Day 8: North Coast 500: Dunnet’s Head, Strathy Beach and Smoo Cave.

First thing in the morning we drove over the hill to see Dunnet’s Head which is the most northerly point of mainland Scotland and the UK. We didn’t get to see the view though because it was so foggy we couldn’t see more than 4 foot in front of us so we swiftly moved on.

We took the coastal road along to Strathy Beach where we enjoyed a nice stroll on the beach and exploring the little coves and caves. We carried on along the coastal road and stopped near Tongue to enjoy some noodles by the side of the road with a side of stunning view.

Next stop was Smoo Cave, which is a seawater and fresh water cave with a waterfall inside the cave. The weather was quite bad around the time we visited so the water was so high that they were not doing boat tours, it was still a nice little walk down to the cave and back again regardless.

After that we drove around for a little while trying to find a wild camping spot and then holed up for the night reading our books and catching up on Netflix.

Day 9: North Coast 500: Clashnessie Falls, Ullapool, Lochniver and Torridon.

We started the day by making our way to Clashnessie Falls, this is a huge waterfall that you can walk right up to. I’m terrified of water so I had a bit of an anxiety blip around this one as you have to jump across some rocks to get closer to it, but I managed and it was worth it. I didn’t go right up to the fall but Chris did to get some great photo’s.

We spent a lot of the day driving around and stopping to admire all the stunning views, including Lochniver.

We then stopped at Ullapool to stock up on food, eat some fish and chips (can you see a running theme here? hah!) and grab an ice cream to enjoy beautiful weather. This town again was super touristy, as we were there a cruise ship had arrived off loading people into the town, so we decided to move on wards with the journey.

After some google searching we found a campsite that had all the facilities and was free to stay at, so we headed there, had a long hot shower and relaxed. We had a lovely little robin who kept flying and sitting at the back door of our Land Rover, so we had a little friend for the evening.

Day 10: North Coast 500: Strathcarron, Applecross Pass and Plockton.

Note: I think this day was my favourite day of the entire trip.

Chris’s mum had been travelling around Scotland on her boat, so we knew at some point along both our journey’s we’d meet up for dinner. Today was the day and we were scheduled to meet Chris’s mum in Plockton late afternoon for some food and a beer.

The weather was really hot and sunny, the sights along the road were so stunning we stopped about 100 times to soak it all in. The views that we were looking at were over at the Isle of Skye which we were heading to the next day. I can never understand people who always go back to the same spot on holiday when you have the whole world at your feet, but honestly, the views from Applecross were so beautiful I could happily return there every year. So when we eventually pulled ourselves away from the stunning views, we headed to Plockton.

We had a great evening in Plockton, it’s a lovely little seaside village with lovely local people, food and drinks. We just drove around to find a wild camping spot close to the Ferry as we were heading over to the Isle of Skye the next day so needed to be close by for an early ferry.

Stay tuned for part 3..

So that was part 2 of our Scotland Road trip. I think this was probably the most jam packed part of the journey but probably my favourite part of it too! For the last leg we make our way over to the Isle of Skye and Mull and make a romantic sunset stop at Glen Coe.

Has anything caught your eye from the trip so far that you’d love to visit yourself? or maybe you have suggestions that I didn’t get time to go to that you would recommend for my readers? If so I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’re looking forward to the final part of this epic Scotland adventure!

Tarnya xox


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