Why We Choose Road Trips.

Travelling and exploring the world has always been a big thing for me but over the last couple of years I’ve found someone to share that journey with. I’ve always loved road trips, my dad always tells the story that when I was a kid the only way to stop my crying was to drive me around in the car to get me to sleep. So it makes sense I find something about being in a car very relaxing, so it’s the perfect mix for travelling.

What do we use for our road trips?

Our first road trip was to Wales for a long weekend in our Land Rover Discovery. We’d taken the rear seats out of the back of the car and built a wooden base for a removable mattress so we could sleep in the back overnight. It worked well and was surprisingly comfortable and warm. The only problems we had was that with the bed took up so much room we didn’t have much room to sit/cook/relax.

Last year we decided to invest in a Roof Tent. We went for a hard top tent that can be easily popped up and down and was attached to the top of the car. It has a double memory foam mattress and zipable windows so you can enjoy the view. By moving the bed area to on top of the car it meant we could utilise the room in the back. We actually made a sofa area in the back and stored dried food and pots and pans underneath. This meant we could park up, cook out of the back, sit, relax and eat dinner with a beautiful view.

The fun parts of road trippin’.

There are so many positives by choosing to travel by car. Firstly the UK is absolutely beautiful and it’s a great way to explore all the corners of the country. We’ve been to Devon and Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, Peak District and the Yorkshire dales. We’re looking into a road trip around Ireland this year too. You can explore the places planes and trains can’t get to, the road network is your oyster!

Secondly, you make your own schedule. When you’re flying or getting the train, you’re bound by the reality of schedules and timetables. The best thing about road trips is that if you don’t like somewhere you can just move on, drive somewhere new. You can stop for a coffee or snack break, stay in a place you enjoyed more than you thought and move on from something that was a disappointment. Road trips come with so much freedom. We generally pick a few things we want to do that day and a general end point, but the rest is discovery and adventures.

It can also turn out to be a bit cheaper. Generally if you were to book a hotel every night, costs could get pretty expensive. With road trips and the roof tent, we can use camp sites or even wild camp (camping anywhere unless signposted not to) in places like Scotland. We also tend to cook our own food and bring our own snacks, so between food and lodging, costs can be pretty low. The only big expense is Petrol, which depending on your car can be much cheaper or slightly cheaper. So if budget holidays are your thing, you can definitely work around that with road trips.

The not so fun parts…

Road trips kind of involve a car, so you either have to have a suitable vehicle of your own or rent a suitable one. Owning your own one takes time and money to maintain and be suitable to driving around and camping from. And if you rent a car for road trip purposes, this can cost quite a lot of money. So although it’s a great idea in principle, it might not be suitable for your type of travel. Luckily for me my boyfriend is a big car guy and most of the time knows how to fix it.

There is also the point of staying at camp sites. You have to be comfortable with showering in a shower block and sharing the bathroom with others. This doesn’t bother me so much, but I can understand it’s not for everyone. If we take a long road trip (our one of the summer was 16 days) we would book a hotel or Air BnB usually around half way through, so we can get a proper shower and sleep in a normal bed, as a break from camping. As much as we love road trips, sometimes you need some home comforts you know!

Toilets. I think the only thing I hate about road trips are the constant hunt for the bathroom. They’ll always be times when you need the toilet and can’t find one for hours and having to squat next to the car in the dark for a wee isn’t the glamorous life you imagined for yourself, but hey you can’t win them all in life.

What are your dream road trips?

Personally I’d love to take our car around Europe, particularly Scandinavia however getting long periods of time off work to travel is the real problem. Then if there was no question a road trip across from Canada and down through America would be the dream. We’ve got a mini road trip planed for when we got to Australia in March to get out of the city and explore a little which i’m super excited about.

Would you consider a road trip holiday?

Is it something you’ve wanted to do and don’t know how or where to start? Because if so please fire questions my way and i’ll try and help. Road trips are so much fun and I find we discover so many cool things along the way on the road that even all the planning in the world would really find. It’s so great to just stumble across great/beautiful spots and just pull over and explore it.

Tarnya xox

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