Gratitude: My Weekly Mission.

I watched a Youtube video recently about Gratitude and how people who reflect on things they are grateful for regulary tend to be happier. I feel sometimes I can definitely spiral into a negative thought pattern when something doesn’t go my way, so I thought it was worth a shot reflecting once a week and writing a gratitude journal full of positive things.

I’m going to keep a journal for myself in my notebook once a week or as often as I feel I need to write in it. But in true blogger style I figured what a great way to start this off than writing a blog post for some of the things I’ve been grateful for recently.


I’m so grateful that I have and will continue to explore the world. I’m lucky enough to have explored alot more of the UK itself this year. Especially Scotland and Wales which we’ve done roadtrips around both this year. But also places like York, Brighton, London, Devon and Longleat.

We’ve also spent time in France, Switzerland, Italy, Monacco and Disneyland Paris too. I didn’t think we’d be doing such a big road trip this year and I’m always so grateful for these experiences. We’ve already booked 2 weeks in Melbourne for March next year which I’m so excited about but also realise how lucky I am to experience these things.

The little things.

Like being able to indulge in a coffee when I want to, or going for a meal with my friends or seeing the latest films in the cinema. I certainly do not take these things for granted now that I have more of a disposal income. I’ve spent most of my life in an anxious nervous wreck from when I’ve had to choose between things like lunches for the week or petrol to get to work. I’ll never forget my roots or stop appreciating the fact that I have a roof above my head everynight whilst not having to worry about whether i’ll make rent or be able to pay the next water bill.

A Healthy Relationship.

I had a pretty rocky time towards the end of my marriage and it made me feel like I was always making the wrong decisions when it came to relationships however since I’ve met Chris i’m so so much happier. I’m so grateful that I can share my life with someone so kind and patient who loves me for me. It’s such a sigh of relief to finally be with someone who supports me, encourages me and enjoys exploring the world together. It re-enforces the feeling that some things happen for a reason.

How will my gratitude journal work?

Well I don’t plan on writing huge points like the ones above every day but I plan on once a week taking 10 minutes to jot down the little things I’ve been thankful for that week. Whether it’s getting 30 minutes to myself that week to read or play my favourite game. Or maybe eating my favourite meals that week or speaking to a friend and sharing in their experiences. Appreciating the little things is just as important as appreciating the huge things too.

How do you feel about starting a Gratitude journal? Is it something you feel could help you appreciate the small things in life?

What you’re grateful for this week?
Tarnya xox


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