Enjoying what’s left of 2019.

2019, what a year you’ve been so far guuurl! We’ve had some epic highs (Disneyland I’m looking at you) and some unexpected lows. But you’ve done me right and I intend to enjoy the rest of it.

a woman sat on a bench at the end of a wooden structure looking out onto the landscape reflecting on 2019
Sharing my plans for the rest of 2019 before the year is up.

I can say for sure I went into 2019 on an absolute mission to live my best fucking life. I was so sick and tired of having too much bad juju happen to me and I was ready to enjoy myself and make amazing new memories.

I have alot to catch you all up on from this year! I’ve done so many new and scary things, been to so many new places (you can see all my adventures on my Instagram), met new people, read new books, learnt new things. I feel like I’ve grown as a person whilst still taking some of that baggage with me along the way and that’s okay.

I’ve learned to save money for emergencies whilst still enjoying myself. I’ve learned to expand my wardrobe choices and have fun with fashion. I’ve tried to say yes to more social events whilst also saying no when things get too much. I’ve put down the remote and picked up a book instead.

2019 has certainly been an adventure. I’ve learned more about myself in the last couple of years than I have in the last 10, which is equally depressing and enlightening.

How are you planning on spending the rest of 2019?

With the month and a half remaining of 2019 I still have some exciting plans. I’ve got a weekend in London soon to see an ancient Egyptian exhibition and a catch up dinner with a friend. Then a York visit to see the festive markets and relax in a cottage with a fire in December. I went to see my brother in Nottingham for the day yesterday and did a Dracula themed escape room and we’re off to try out the new Christmas menu at The Encore restaurant in Stratford in a couple of weeks time. Not to mention another Scotland visit at Christmas time, my work’s xmas do and whatever else I can fit into the last 7 weeks.

And if that wasn’t enough we’re already planning trips for 2020. We’ve booked 2 weeks in Melbourne in March and already thinking about doing a road trip around Iceland too.

But honestly I’ve been really enjoying the down time too. I’ve been relaxing whenever possible just living slowly. Grabbing a coffee on weekends, playing games whenever I get the chance and cooking tasty food. I’ve read over 30 books already so far this year and i’m certainly not stopping! Life really is about balance, having lots of plans but equally enjoying down time too.

How are you planning on spending the rest of 2019?

I hope you’ve got lots of cosy plans for the rest of 2019! And i’d love to hear about what you’re up to! I want to steal your ideas and use them for myself hehe.

Tarnya xox


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