5 Ways To Get Creative With Your Instagram.

Instagram has always been a place where I can experiment with my photography. It’s always been my favourite platform for inspiration and discovery but I find alot of people tend to take Instagram too seriously and forget about having fun with sharing their photography.

5 Ways To Get Creative With Your Instagram www.sweetallure.co.uk

My Instagram is the platform I love the most, however it’s the one I struggle with the most too. Because I love experimenting and sharing my photography with you guys, it’s hard to incorporate my everyday life and blog into the mix too. This year however I’ve decided to care less and enjoy mixing the two together. I’m really enjoying it and wanted to share some of the easy ways I’ve found to switch things up a little and keep your feed new and interesting.


People tend to think that you can only buy lenses for your digital camera, however with most of us shooting content for the gram on our phones, you’d be glad to know you can get them for your phone too. I’ve had lenses for my iphone camera for years. I forgot all about them for ages until I rediscovered them again this christmas and it’s inspired me so much since!
The kit I have has 3 different lenses that you can simply and easily attach to your phone. A macro lens that takes super zoomed/up close photos. A fisheye lens which is convex and gives a cool circular and warped perspective effect. And finally a wide angle lens, which gives a wider than 180 degree shot.

These are all really fun to experiment with and can quickly and easily give a fresh take on your everyday photos for the grid.

5 Ways To Get Creative With Your Instagram www.sweetallure.co.uk
5 Ways To Get Creative With Your Instagram www.sweetallure.co.uk

Editing apps.

It’s a simple one but a good one. I edit all of my photos to really make the most of my shots for Instagram. You really don’t have to be a rocket scientist to enhance your photos, just taking some time to play around with filters, then tweaking the contrast, sharpness, brightness etc to suit your style. This is a great way to make your feed look uniform without having to limit yourself to certain type of photographs. I edit all of my photos in VSCO and have spent money investing in some filter packs I think work for me and my style.

This also goes for apps to add effects to your images. I love HUJI and Unfold to digitally add retro effects and borders to my images. These are super popular at the minute but help give some variety to your grid.

Analogue/Polaroid shots.

If you love a retro feel to your photos, you can definitely mix things up by adding in some film and polaroid shots. They instantly make something look cool and retro with minimal effort. It is a pricy investment to start shooting with film, but it definitely adds something different and unique to your feed. Specially as every shot is completely in the moment and unique, often with different light leaks, discolouration and shapes. There’s always something in shooting analogue photography to keep things interesting.
I usually either take a photo of them with my phone camera or scan them into my computer for a better quality image.

5 Ways To Get Creative With Your Instagram www.sweetallure.co.uk
Polaroid snaps from my Instagram.

Stop Motion/Animation.

It could be something as simple as a little Boomerang moment or maybe you want to go as far as filming a stop motion animation. It’s a great way to add an extra something to your feed. I did some experimentation last year with animations and they seem to have become more popular recently.

Lumyer is a great one to add little cute animations to photos, like little wisps of steam for a cup of coffee or snow effects in winter etc.

Drawing doodles.

This one has become super popular at the minute. Adding some little drawings and doodles to your photos adds a little personality and creativity to an image after shooting. I had some fun with this one last year and really want to start playing with these ideas again. The app ‘A Colour Story’ is a great one for this although I find it quite hard to draw with your finger on the phone screen. I ended up buying a touch screen stylus for this and it made creating design so much easier and fun.

5 Ways To Get Creative With Your Instagram www.sweetallure.co.uk
Doodle photos from my instagram.

I’ve found since experimenting and having fun with my instagram photo’s, I’ve had much more content to post, often sharing 2-3 images a day on occasion to get through my backlog.

I also spend a lot more time browsing through different hashtags looking for inspiration to experiment with my feed and try and make it stand out. It’s just getting me really excited to take and share my photos with the world again!

I hope you’ve found this tips helpful and if you have any of your own please leave them in the comments as i’d love to know what inspires you! Don’t forget to head over to my instagram to keep up with all that i’m sharing!

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