My Travel Plans for 2019.

If you read my Guidelines for 2019 you’ll know that this year I really want to live more in the moment. I have an endless list of travel plans for 2019 but if I can do at least 3-4 of them i’d be happy!

a photo of a forest in scotland My Travel Plans for 2019
Bishops Glen, Dunoon, Scotland.

Last year, I spent 4 days on a long weekend trip with my boyfriend just travelling through Wales. We sketched a rough route for it, with ideal places to stop along the way, but really we just went with the flow. We stopped at places that looked nice to eat, stopped in about 32948 places to take photos and found camp sites along the way. For someone who is a self confessed control freak, it was actually really enjoyable to just have no plans and enjoy the moment.

This year, I plan on doing much of the same. I have 30 days holiday to use this year and I’ll taking full advantage of it to fulfil my travel plans.

North Coast 500, Scotland.

Scotland is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. I spent most of Christmas in Scotland and the mini road trip we took across the country was just stunning at every turn. We’d already loosely planned to do the North Coast 500 but this very much sealed the deal for us.

The North Coast 500 is a 500 mile coastal route around the very north of Scotland (pretty self explanatory right? hah). We’re going to put a rough plan together for this over probably 7-9 days during the summer, but again, we’ll just free-style it, dropping in to places that look great and finding campsites along the way. I’m immensely excited for this, as the travel and photography nerd in me gets to indulge in both. I’ll 100% be writing blog posts about this trip and sharing the 10,000 photos i’ll take on my Instagram.

Lake District.

This is something I’ve always wanted to do and I can feel a long weekend trip away for this one when the weather is warmer. I’d like to get a cabin or something for this one and relax in a hot tub reading a book. It’s my 30th this year and this is pretty much how I want to spend it, if my heavy hints to my boyfriend are successful, only time will tell!


A couple of my friends spent the Christmas break having a road trip around some of the Game of Thrones locations in Ireland. As soon as I heard about it I was frantically googling searching and whatsapping my boyfriend about it. Safe to say he’s just as much of a nerd as me and was totally up for a long weekend trip doing this too. I just can’t believe I never thought about doing this before?! But what better way to spent time in Ireland?!


I went to Berlin when I was at uni and I fell in love with the place. I’d really like to go back to Germany and explore more of the country. This possibly might not happen this year with all the other things I have planned to do but it would be a really nice stretch to get away to Europe at some point.


This is my ultimate ‘probably will never happen but I desperately would love to go’ travel destination for the year. I’ve never been to the US but I’m always daydreaming about it. The chance of it happening is probably 0.1% but if by some miracle I can get over there, i’d take it. I’m dreaming of New York at Christmas or San Fran in the summer. But if this doesn’t happen it’ll be number 1 on my travel list for 2020!

Where are you travelling in 2019?

I also have lots of plans to visit friends who live all over the UK, from Brighton to Manchester to Devon. However they’ll be short trips.

Do you have any exciting travel plans for 2019? Or have had some awesome road trips that you need to share? Because I’d love to hear about them in the comments below! I’m always up for adding things to my travel plans list! xox

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