How I Created My 2018 Scrapbook.

For as long as I’ve owned a camera phone, I’ve taken tens of thousands of photos and printed out approximately zero. It’s so easy in this modern age to take 40 photos of the same thing and forget about it when the next instagramable meal comes along.

Well not anymore!

In the summer I downloaded the app ‘1 Second A Day’ and it really got me thinking about all the time I spend with family and friends and all the moments that were special to me. So I started looking back through my photo’s throughout 2018 and 1 amazon prime purchase later, I had a kraft paper scrapbook and a bucket load of inspiration.

Month by month layout on the cover.

Sort, sort and sort some more.

The first thing I did was transfer all the photo’s from my iPhone to my computer. I went over all the photos from the year and saved the photos I liked the most into different folders per month. I did it this way as I wanted to make my scrapbook chronological as it’s an easy way to see what you got up to throughout the year.

After doing that, I spent some time researching websites to print out my photos. I eventually settled on SuperSnaps. Being polaroid obsessed, I really liked the shape of their Tall Retro Snaps and I ended up printing out about 80. I wanted to print more, but lol I’m not made of money.

Road trip to Wales – August.
Friends Fest, Manchester – August.

Deciding on a layout.

When the printed photo’s finally arrived I spent awhile just sorting them into the right months. I could only fit 2 images per page as the prints turned out bigger than I had expected. It took a little organising because I wanted things to be varied and not look exactly the same for every page. I then spent what felt like a lifetime sticking them all down and punching out titles for pages with my label maker. It took a long time to do but I think it really helped with the retro vibe I had in mind.

I then decided to label the front cover with all the main events from each month so it would be easier to navigate to. I foolishly didn’t leave enough room for December so I had to put that on the inside of the cover, but it was a lesson I learned to take forward for my 2019 scrapbook!

Christmas adventures in Scotland.

Filling the spaces.

After filling all the pages with the larger images, I realised that it was looking a little empty. I still had SO many more images that I wanted to add to it but couldn’t fit on the page. I looked into printing them on a smaller scale but I didn’t like the idea of having to wait everytime I wanted to add a random image. Instead, I invested in a HP Sprocket. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever bought. The print quality isn’t the most amazing, if i’m completely honest, but they were fine, the sizes fitted perfectly for what I wanted to fill the spaces and it was easy to use. So I spent a lot more time printing out all the in-between photos that really helped bulk it out and give more detail to what I got up to. It also helped give some more variety to the pages and keep it interesting, like the images below!

St Andrews – December.
St Andrews – December.

Pro’s and Con’s

+ One of the things I enjoyed the most about putting together this scrapbook was looking over all the things I got up to over the year. It was so nice to take a moment to appreciate all the little day to day things that feeling mundane but actually make up some of the best things about your year.

+ It was really fun being able to get crafty and creative and spent time doing something that didn’t take place on the TV or my phone. I spent literally like 40 hours on this thing but I love how it turned out. I’ll definitely be doing this going forward.

– It ended up costing me a small fortune. I think overall it probably cost me £150 to make, from printing the images, buying the scrapbook, purchasing a sprocket (biggest investment in this) and label rolls for my label maker. Although I do feel like now I have all the things I need to do the 2019 scrapbook for much cheaper. It was expensive but totally worth it to me.

– It took up a lot more time than I expected but again, this is kind of a positive too as it made me do something creative and get me away from technology.

Will you take your photos offline in 2019?

I really hope you enjoyed looking through a few of my favourite pages from my scrapbook and got some ideas to get creative this year with your photos! It makes me really sad to think about all the photos that have sat on my computer for decades and never seen the light of day again. Such a waste of good memories.

Here’s to making some amazing memories throughout 2019 to fill those scrapbooks guys! xox

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