5 Reasons Why You Need To Watch Stranger Things.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you’ve probably heard of the Netflix Original series Stranger Things. It’s had critical acclaim for a reason and I thought I’d go through my 5 reasons why you need to watch Stranger Things.

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1. It looks stunning.
If you’re anything like me, you love the way things are filmed and this is the perfect example of eerie. Lot’s of evenings and night scenes make it creepy as hell and the glow of lamps and Christmas lights give it that sepia warmth. Add this to some beautiful scenic shots and the drabness of the 80’s and it’s about as fitting as you can get for the plot.

2. It’s everything from the 80’s you love.
If it’s not the haircuts and the fashion styles from the 80’s that win you over, then it has to be the soundtrack or the show intro, there is plenty of synthy goodness and Stephen King-esque graphics too. I never thought myself as a big fan of the 80’s but this show seriously makes me appreciate the era. I wish I could hang out in arcades and play Pac-Man like they did back then!

3. Amazing Cast.
Not only does this show have amazing child actors and strong female leads but it also has some legends like Winona Ryder. The kids in this are definitely going to be some actors and actresses to watch for the future.

4. Film References.
If you’re a bit of a film nerd like me, this show is littered with other film references and influences. It’s like all of these classics are bought together in a new cult classic in the making, classic-ception?
ET, Star Wars, IT, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and Alien are just to name a few.

5. It’s Genuinely Awesome.
If looking and sounding amazing wasn’t enough to convince you to watch it, then the story is genuinely interesting. It’s a great sci-fi shows with plenty of character, plot twists and creepy monsters that will have you scared of the dark.

Are you watching season two? Let me know what you think of it in the comments!

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