3 Horror Films To Watch This Halloween.

Horror and thriller films are my favourite film genre to watch, B-list horror films can be hilariously entertaining or occasionally you’ll come across an undiscovered gem. I thought I’d share 3 horror films to watch this Halloween that I’ve really loved recently.

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I watch a lot of films and sometimes there are a few that completely catch you off guard, these 3 horror/thriller films I’m about to recommend are probably not going to be the stereotypical choices but they’re ones that really stuck out in my mind when I think about this genre. I hope you enjoy!

1. Gerald’s Game.
I’ve been a big fan of Stephen King books since my teenage years and have generally enjoyed a lot of the film adaptions. When I saw that Gerald’s Game had come to Netflix I was really intrigued because it’s one of the books I had never gotten round to reading. This is about a married couple who escape to a cabin for a kinky weekend away, in the middle of no-where. After handcuffing his wife to the bed, the husband has a heart attack and dies, she’s left alone to try and escape. This is more of a physiological thriller with a slow build but there are some unexpected shocking bit within this film (I’m trying not to spoil!) that I genuinely wasn’t expecting and made me look away. Nick and I really enjoyed this film though and it’s made me want to get back into reading the Stephen King books I haven’t had chance to do so yet!

2. Split.
This is a film about 3 girls who have been kidnapped by a man with dissociative personality disorder. His 23 personalities take turns in the lime-light, each as extreme as the other. This isn’t a film that is particularly scary or thrilling but the acting from James McAvoy is outstanding and it completely caught me off guard. He plays all of the different characters so amazingly that I looked at him in a completely different light, so it’s definitely worth a watch for his performance alone but it’s certainly a type of thriller I haven’t really seen before.

3. Maniac.
This is a psychological thriller about a serial killer who is obsessed with mannequins. We follow the killer falling into madness whilst making a friendship that makes him want to change. It’s a really interesting film that I’ve not seen anything like before and with the extra creepiness that is mannequins. Another great performance here from Elijah Wood and the film style is really interesting as it’s filmed in first person.

I hope you’ve seen some film recommendations here for Halloween that you haven’t seen before as I’ve tried to think of something a little different from the usual suggestions. Please let me know what spooky films you love to watch on Halloween in the comments below. Also let me know if you’ve seen any of these films and what you thought!

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