5 Films That Changed My Life.

Have you ever watched a film and it just resonates with you so deeply? Or those films that make you so uncontrollably emotional and you can’t bare to watch it again? Or perhaps a film that you watch but can’t stop thinking about for days/weeks after? Or even a film that you watched at a certain part in your life and it just defines an era of your life? Well today I’m going to talk about 5 films that changed my life.

5 films that changed my life sweet allure

Fight Club
Fight Club is my favourite film of all time. I’ve watched it more times than I dare to count. It was one of the first films I’d watched after reading the book and becoming completely obsessed. Besides the brilliant acting and huge twist, the film is ripe with fun trivia. Did you know that Meatloaf had two fat suits to wear on set, one with huge nipples and one without? Also, if you pay attention there are single stills of Brad Pitt popping up all over the film and also a single still of  pornography. It’s just one of those films that you can get so much from every time you watch it.

I chose Media Studies as one of my A-levels at school which is probably where my real obsession with film or TV started, but we did a whole year of the Dracula film genre. Nosferatu is classed as the first dracula/vampire film and when watching this for the first time I just loved it and fell for it. Learning about the way it was filmed, the camera filters, the sounds, the make up and costumes was just so fascinating. It kick-started a love of film within me, so much so that we had it playing at our wedding reception! I highly recommend watching this if you want to learn about where some of the horror traits come from!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
If you haven’t seen this film, you need to watch it. This is such a sad love story and I fell completely in love with it when I watched it. I had never seen anything like this before, the concept is really cool but equally heartbreaking. It’s basically a love story in reverse. This film stuck with me after watching it and I can only watch it every so often because it upsets me so much.

Seven Pounds
I watched this one relatively recently and couldn’t stop crying. It’s such a sad, beautiful and selfless film and made me love Will Smith even more. Fun fact, I used to tell people I was related to Will Smith as a kid because his last name was the same as mine, oh to be young again! This film seriously made me consider signing up to donating my organs (which I did) and made me realise that there are truly selfless people in the world and we shouldn’t forget to give back.

This film defined my teenage years. I watched this when I was about 17 and it just resonated with me so much. Nerdy boys and parties and friendships, albeit dramatized but the silly teenage stuff is still there. I loved the soundtrack, I loved the actors (still have a soft spot for Michael Cera) and I’m pretty sure this film was what turned me onto liking comedy films. I still occasionally listen to the soundtrack for nostalgic purposes. There is just something about the timing of this film in my life that just stuck with me and whenever I watch it I still feel so happy and reminisce about my school days.

I have to give some honorable mentions, A Fault in our Stars, Love Actually, Forrest Gump, Beauty and the Beast, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, X-men films, Batman: The Dark Knight, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and The Princess Bride. I could go on, but I’ll be here forever!

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Let me know what films defined or changed your life? As I’d love to know, so leave me a comment below!

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