5 Places I Want To Visit Before I’m 30.

I’ve always been one of those people that want to explore the world. I love wandering the streets of a new city, soaking in the culture, the buildings, the sights, the food. It’s really is one of my most favourite things. It’s only over the last couple of years that I’ve struggled to travel due to financial instability. It sucks, but we’re finally getting back to a stable place and so, I’ve decided to write a list of the 5 places I want to visit before I’m 30, which unfortunately, is only 2 years away….

5 Places I Want To Visit Before I'm 30.

01. South Goa, India.
This is where Nick and I have decided we want to go on our honeymoon. It’s just unfortunate that Nick got made redundant, got a new job and we had to move…so our plans have been put on hold, but it’s the first place we’ll be booking when we get the chance! We love Indian food and the culture and apparently the sunset on the beach in Goa is one of the best views in the world. I can’t wait to go!

02. Scandinavia.
I know this is kind of cheating by not being a specific place but honestly, I would be so happy to visit anywhere in Scandinavia, it all looks so beautiful. I absolutely love the culture, the design, the Hygge lifestyle, I’m worried if I go I’ll never want to come back!

03. Prague, Czech Republic.
This has been on my list for awhile now, it’s looks like such a beautiful city. I’ve known a lot of people who have been and have said its such a lovely place, great beer and scenery and quite affordable. So I can see us taking a lovely long weekend break here and enjoying ourselves.

04. Florence, Italy.
I studied History of Art at college and at university and I’ve never been to Florence, which i’m sure is some kind of cardinal sin. If i’m totally honest, I’d love to visit here alone. I love Nick, but I don’t think I’d be able to fully enjoy it if he’s bored being dragged around every museum and statue going. I think I’d like to go here and fully immerse myself in the culture and art work and see all of the amazing things I spent years studying.

05. Disneyland Paris.
Now, I think this is what I’m going to ask for, for my 30th birthday. I’ve wanted to go to Walt Disney World in the US for as long as I remember, but obviously it’s crazy expensive. I would be over the moon to go to the Paris one as a mini-adventure. I feel like finally going to the magical place has to be for a special occasion, so I’m going to ask for this for my 30th birthday. That’s what every 30 year old wants right??

There are so so many places I want to visit, but with this list I wanted to be realistic and list places I thought we could actually afford to go to over the next couple of years. I love little long weekend breaks away and would love to do more! If you have any suggestions on places for me to visit, please let me know in the comments, I’d love to add some new places to my list for the future!

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