20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me.

This year, one of the things I wanted to do on my blog was share more of myself. I wanted you guys to get to know me a little better. I thought I’d share some things you probably didn’t know about me, because who doesn’t love a little nosey?

a self portrait to show myself for the content that is 20 Things You Didn't Know About Me.

01. I have partial-heterochromia
This basically means that I have a large splodge of brown in one of my (blue) eyes. Most people don’t really notice it, until one day they’re like ‘oh shit, your eyes are different colours!’. I was also told at school in a biology class that I was a ‘mutant’ and thus I became obsessed with the X-men.

02. Bugs Bunny was my imaginary friend as a kid.
This is an embarrassing one. I’ve been obsessed with Bugs Bunny for as long as I remember but I thought it’s funny looking back. Who else had a funny imaginary best friend??

03. I’m left handed.
But, I only write with my left hand, I’m right handed for everything else which is apparently weird…

04. I don’t really drink alcohol.
I’ve never really enjoyed drinking or being drunk, it’s just one of those things I was never really into.

05. I’ve never watched Gilmore Girls…
…and probably never will do…

06. I’m scared of heights..and the dark.

07. I’ve lived in 4 cities.
Nottingham, London, Sheffield and Warwick.

08. My nickname for as long as I can remember has been ‘T’.
I guess it’s easier to remember/pronounce than ‘Tarnya’.

09. Growing up I had the biggest crush on Alan Shearer.
Yep, so embarrassing.

10. Alice in Wonderland scared me so much as a kid.
Which means I haven’t watched it in such a long time… I should probably get over that.

11. I wanted to be an actress.
I guess my obsession with film started at a young age and I always wanted to be in plays and films but I was always too scared to go to drama lessons.

12. I have a really hard time ‘letting go’.
I’ve always been that person who needs to know everything and never liked mystery. I feel like I’ll always be like this and I wish I could let go more and just let things happens.

13. I desperately want a sleeve tattoo.
I’ve been lusting after one for what feels like forever but I’ve not plunked up the courage yet.

14. I am always cold.
Unless I’m too hot, then I literally am a sweaty mess.

15. I’m terrified of drowning.

16. I like to talk a lot.

17. But I also like to spend most of my time alone.

18. I like writing things down.
Which apparently is also weird in modern day, but there is something so nice about putting pen to paper.

19. I have a serious sweet tooth.
Chocolate and cheesecake are my weakness.

20. I cry at everything.
I’ve honestly cried at pretty much every movie I’ve ever watched. I’m pretty sensitive to feelings and emotions and find it really hard not to have high empathy, even for film or TV characters.

So, that’s 20 random things you hopefully didn’t know about me! I hope you feel like you know me a little better than you did before. Let me know if you enjoyed this and I’ll do a part two! Also, tell me one random fact about yourself in the comments, as I’d love to get to know you more too!

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