5 Blogging Apps I Can’t Live Without.

I recently got my phone upgrade, cue the angelic music for the iPhone 7+ and it’s glorious camera. So, this means I needed to download all of my favourite apps immediately. This blog post title has actually been siting in my drafts for awhile but it’s actually relevant content now, so yaaay, go me!

I wanted to share with you the apps I immediately had to put on my new phone (besides the usual Instagram, Twitter etc)  because I basically can’t live without them. So I hope you find some here that are these useful!

sweet allure 5 Blogging Apps I Can't Live Without.

I actually think this app was the reason I fell back in love with Instagram. Unfortunately I can’t remember the person who recommended this app to me ages ago, but it’s basically an app that lets you plan how your Instagram feed looks. It even lets you edit your captions and put in all of your hashtags, which means if you’re like me, super busy or super lazy, take your pick…you can pre-plan your feed.

This is an app that edits photographs. I use this app to put filters on my photo’s before uploading them to UNUM. I like this app because it has a variety of filters but you can also purchase new ones from the store. I bought a few packs of filters around Christmas time when they had a sale on and it was one of the best investments I’ve made for my blog and when I say investment…some of the packs are 99p, so it isn’t going to cost you the earth to have nice photo filters.

I use Buffer to schedule my blog post promotion for Twitter. There are other great apps you can use like Hootsuite, but I just find Buffer so much easier. You basically create tweets in this app and post them, however it lets you re-buffer things with a simple click, which I find super quick and easy to do. The only downside is that you can only buffer 10 tweets at a time, so you have to update it often if you self-promote a lot. I don’t mind so much though and it helps me keep my content going out into the world without too much effort.

This is a great little app that lets you make graphics. Sometimes I don’t have an image ready to put into a blog post going live soon and sometimes I write a post that I have no idea what to use as the promotional image. This app is great for helping you create really simple (or complicated) graphics with quite a lot of variety and it’s really easy to use. I’ve been getting good use out of this app recently, as I’m in the process of moving house and don’t have any of my camera equipment around to take nice snaps.

If you like to keep track of your blog page stats, this is a handy little app that gives you lots of information on the go. You do have to have your website set up to use GA, but once you do you just log into the app just like you would on the desktop and you have access to all the stats on the go.

Let me know if you check any of these apps out or if you have any other amazing apps you want to share with me as I love a good recommendation!


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