8 Things I Learnt From Watching New Girl.

During university I made many amazing discoveries, no it wasn’t how to make pizza tortilla’s or how to make your student loan disappear…but I discovered one of my all time favourite shows, New Girl. Believe it or not I wasn’t really aware of who Zoey Deschanel was, because I was that weirdo who had never seen Elf. However when my friend Laura introduced me to this show, I was hooked immediately. I loved all of the characters so much and they were all so different, I just became obsessed…..and still am.

So, just like the other posts I have in this series (Sex and the city, Twilight, How I met your mother) lets talk about some things I learnt from watching New Girl.

image of the new girl cast on a boat

01. Nick is actually my husband Nick.
Awww isn’t Nick Miller so strangely attractive even though he has literally nothing in his life sorted? I hear ya! But as my husband and I watched this together, we started to realise just how a like the Nick‘s were. During a point a few years ago, Nick lost his wallet on a night out and for awhile, he genuinely put his cards and money in a plastic bag. He likes to angry fix things… he dresses like an un-sponsored skate boarder and we bicker so much like NM and Jess do, but it’s only because underneath it all, we like each other.
“I am not a successful adult. I don’t eat vegetables and/or take care of myself.”

02. Everyone knows a Schmidt.
We all have someone in our lives that is Schmidt. The one douche-bag that seems to hang around for so long you become accustomed to their ways but underneath it all there is a lovable person.

03. It’s okay to be yourself.
Jess isn’t the stereotypical ‘hot’ girl, she likes to wear PJ’s and knit and wear flat shoes and tights and everyone still falls for her charm. I relate to Jessica Day so much because I am that girl. I never enjoyed getting drunk and dancing in clubs, but I did enjoy reading, baking and knitting. Gurl, there aint nothing wrong with that and a decent denier tight.

04. It’s also okay to cry at puppy’s that fit in a cup.
RIP Boo.

05. Pink wine makes me, slutty.

06. It doesn’t matter how much you think you are prepared, life is always unpredictable.
A teacher? A model? A bar tender? It doesn’t matter what your walk of life is, there will always be some unpredictable shit in life but what matters is that you got good friends by your side.

07. Follow your dreams.
If the shows teaches us anything, it’s that you can still follow your dreams, no matter what stage of life you are at. Winston becomes a cop, Nick becomes part owner of the bar and CeCe goes back to finish school. It’s never too late!

08. Friends are so important.
We make friends in life through many different circumstances, whether its moving in with 4 new strangers you met on craigslist or old school friends, they’re always there through the good and the bad… Even if it does mean you have the occasional boob fight.

I wish I could just sit here typing all of my favourite moments or all of my favourite quotes! Do you love New Girl? Who is your favourite character or moment? What things have you learnt from watching New Girl??

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