8 Things I Learnt From Re-Watching How I Met Your Mother.

I want to put my hands up here and say how i met your mother is one of my favourite TV programmes and I’ve pretty much watched through the entire series 3-4 times. During the recent watch through I noticed/learnt a few things that I had never really paid attention to before, which is always interesting when you’ve seen something so many times!

Sweet allure 8 Things I Learnt From Re-Watching How I Met Your Mother. tv film netflix opinions

01. Ted is pretty annoying.
There is always one character out of a group that you like the least and for me it’s always Ted. He’s really whiny and miserable and his whole life seems to revolve around getting ‘the girl’. I understand that is pretty much the entire premise of the show but he doesn’t need to be so smarmy about it.

02. Barney is brilliant.
Now I’m all against sexism and women being viewed as objects, but it’s a TV show and Barney is hilarious. The writers are so creative with his character and Neil Patrick Harris plays the role perfectly. Who hasn’t said ‘Legendary‘ or ‘Haaaaveeee you met Ted?’. Classics.

03. Lily Pad and Marsh Mellow are goals.
Some people probably find Lily and Marshal really cheesy and gross but I absolutely adore them. They’re such a great couple together, they really work together as a team and truly love each other. Even when Lily does a runner one season we all knew she’d be back and everything will be back to gooey goodness. I wish I could get pancakes made for me every Sunday!

04. There is a whole season where Lily just disappears.
I think the actress Alyson Hannigan was pregnant for this season and she just wasn’t it for some reason. I’d never noticed before but once you notice its so blatantly obvious. She’s just not there or she’s in the odd episode for about 3 minutes at a time and it just all looks really odd and Marshal doesn’t seem to mention her being away or anything. Which leads me onto my next point..

05. Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smoulders are both heavily pregnant during Season 4. 
Again this is something you might not notice for the first couple of watches but once I noticed it, it was really hard to un-see it. Basically for the entire of Season 4 both actresses were heavily pregnant and the costume designers do a fab job of covering it up! Alyson is the more obvious of the two as she’s so tiny and she suddenly wears very baggy clothes and things are very conveniently placed in front of her during shots! But look out for it if you’ve never noticed before!

06. The episode Barney sings about suits is my favourite.
Ever since I saw this episode it’s always been my favourite. Anything kind of musical-esque wins my heart over and a comical song about suits? What’s not to love, seriously. YouTube it.

07. The ‘mothers‘ story is very short and sad.
After so much build up throughout the seasons, you do eventually meet the mother of Ted‘s children however she is a very brief part of the show and without spoilers, isn’t around for very long. I feel like this is such a disappointment. You are just left wanting to get to know her a little better which is probably why they did it this way, but it certainly leave the viewers a little underwhelmed after 9 season of finding her.

08. The ending is very disappointing and predictable.
I was very disappointed with the ending how i met your mother. It’s also very predictable.. It’s one of those things that was pretty much set up from the beginning of the show, I do wonder if they just ran out of ideas of what to do and just did a Lost and just went with the boring predictable option. The first time around watching the series I actually saw a spoiler for the ending accidentally and just stopped watching it because I was so disappointed but I soldiered through recently and was as disappointed as I expected I would be.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I always love writing these type of posts because watching TV series and talking about them is basically my favourite hobby.

Please let me know if you’ve noticed anything that I haven’t in how i met your mother ! I love hearing peoples opinions on TV and film.

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