Meadowhall Illamasqua Vegan Event.

When I got invited to the Illamasqua Vegan event in Meadowhall, I was quite excited to learn about some more cruelty free products. I’d heard of Illamasqua before but I’ve never tried any of their products, so it was a good chance to get to know the products and the brand a little better. They have recently been approved by PETA and the event was to highlight the products that were fully vegan.

Around a year ago, not long after starting my blog I decided to go cruelty free. This is something I thought would be a really hard transition but it actually turned out to be a pretty easy swap over. There are so many amazing cruelty free brands around that I’ve discovered and so many amazing products, it’s good to know you can still look incredible and animals haven’t suffered for the privilege.

sweet allure Meadowhall Illamasqua Vegan Event.  peta cruelty free beauty make
Upon arrival we were welcomed with strawberries and marshmallows and then we were offered some elder flower juice, I love all three of these things so it was lovely to have a little snack and of course they were all vegan.

We were then shown two make up looks with the vegan products. The first was a more toned down natural look for everyday and second was a bunny inspired look, for those that don’t know a bunny is the logo for PETA, so it fitted the theme of the event nicely.

sweet allure Meadowhall Illamasqua Vegan Event.  peta cruelty free beauty make
Thank you to Aimee – for letting me use her image as mine didn’t come out great!

I really loved this second look, obviously it’s not an everyday look unless you are into something a little out there but I really really liked the flick of white at the end of the eyelashes, I thought it was really cute and really made the eye area stand out more. I also loved the white freckles, I’m a big lover of freckles and I thought this was such a lovely little twist. I just really enjoyed the whole look in general, it was really fun and nothing i’d seen before. Maybe it’ll inspire me to try something new!

After the demo’s I had a look around the products because like I said previously I’ve never actually seen any of the ranges before. I’m always drawn to the foundations and the lipsticks and I accidentally fell in love with two lipsticks called Climax and Scandal. I think after the wedding and the spending ban is lifted I’m going to head back and try a few things out.

Until then though we were all lucky enough to get given a little goodie bag with a black eyeliner and a primer which I can’t wait to try out, I swatched the eyeliner on my hand and it’s a really thin and precise line and very waterproof, I had to use cleanser to get it off because it wouldn’t budge! So keep an eye out for a review of those soon!

I love going to events, especially for cruelty free brands so I can add them to my list of brands to try. Please let me know if you’ve tried Illamasqua , what your thoughts are or your favourite products as I would love to know!


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