Sunday Sitdown #9

I almost forgot to do a Sunday sitdown post this month because time truly has whizzed on by. I know I say this is every Sunday sit down post but the past month seems to have gone by really quickly even though I haven’t seem to have done anything interesting, ha!

As always I’m going to talk about a few things that have been going on with my blog and in real life, so lets grab a cup of tea and have a catch up!

sweet allure Sunday Sitdown #9

On the blog.

Over the past month I’ve been trying really hard to come up with original content which takes up quite a lot of brain power however it also means I’ve been seeking inspirations from kinds of avenues. I’ve been watching plenty of YouTube, reading lots of blogs, listening to podcasts and brainstorming, which means I’ve been letting my creative side out much more this month. My two favourite posts from the past month are Living on a budget: 101 and The importance of defining your own terms of success.

I also went to a Benefit event this month, which is the first event I’ve been to in a couple of months, which was quite nice. The event was showing off the entire new range of brow products, which was impressive in itself due to the sheer volume of products. There is everything from primers, gels, pencils, powders and brow highlighters. It was really cool seeing some of the blogging girls getting their eyebrows done, the transformations were actually really impressive from a more natural look to a very defined brow. Although I didn’t purchase anything from the range, as personally, I think £18.50 for a brow pencil is truly ridiculous but it was great seeing the techniques and tips and I will certainly be trying it for myself with cheaper products.

I’ve also been invited to a cocktail masterclass as a local bar in Sheffield next week, which I am massively looking forward to, so keep your eyes out for that post next week!

In the real world.

This past month has been quite a struggle, our car went for it’s MOT at the start of June and had a crazy amount of things wrong with it which we just simply couldn’t afford to fix. So we’ve been trying to figure out whether selling the car and buying a cheap one or getting it fixed is the best option. This also means we’ve been getting the bus into work, it’s taken so much longer to get to and from work, eating up funds as our car is quite cheap to run and generally being a bit rubbish and causing some stress, but I’m SO happy to be getting a fixed car back today as it makes life just so much easier.

Which leads me onto just being stressed in general about money. I know I wrote a blog post about living on a budget but I never explained how hard it actually is sometimes, questioning every purchase you make can become quite tedious and soul destroying after awhile, but it really will be worth it when the wedding comes, so we really are trying to stay positive about the entire thing.

Speaking of weddings I had my bridal make up trial last week, which was making me quite nervous but it turned out really well. I don’t typically wear much make up so I was quite scared about having it quite heavy but my artist made it look quite natural and pretty so I was quite happy about it. I need to sort out my hair trial next so that’s something I need to book asap, however I am trying to grow out my hair a little so I have a few more style options, but I’ll let you all know about that when it done!

Sorry it hasn’t been the most interesting Sunday sit-down post, its been a fairly mundane and stressful month but hopefully next month will be better with a few exciting tales to tell!

What have you been up to this past month? Let me know in the comments!

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