Lisa Stickley FlowerCard Review.

I love flowers. They’re so pretty, smell great and really brighten up a room. Whenever Nick buys me flowers it makes me so happy! As it’s coming into summer (shocking I know with all the rain) our house has been crying out for a bit of greenery so when I got contacted and asked if I’d like to try a Flowercard I was very intrigued. I’d never seen anything like it before and I really like the idea of these cards, so I decided to write a little review for you.
Sweet allure Lisa Stickley Flower Card Review.

It’s basically a card with flowers, but they are all put together in cute little patterned box so you can send it in one package instead of two, how very convenient and easy!

The arrangement I picked out was from the Lisa Stickley range named Peach Frills. It’s a beautiful little arrangement with peachy yellow flowers and little pops of wired peach germini, which is the little balls. What also attracted me to this arrangement was the stripey box, I thought it was very cute with the little scalloped edges!

When this arrived I was actually pretty impressed, its a decent size, about the height of a large card. The flowers are really nicely arranged and the base is quite thick, so it’s very steady and easy to stand up. It comes with watering instructions on the back, so you can keep it topped up and looking as nice as possible for yourself or whoever it’s bought for.

Sweet allure Lisa Stickley Flower Card Review.

This particular set doesn’t really smell but that doesn’t bother me too much, it’s more about the look for me. You can also personalise the message on the front, as mine wasn’t for any special occasion I decided to have a little ‘stay awesome‘ message on mine, because why the hell not. You can also add little extra’s to the flowercards, like a little row of chocolates or a little craft butterfly to make it prettier!

Sweet allure Lisa Stickley Flower Card Review.
Sweet allure Lisa Stickley Flower Card Review.

I think these are perfect little gift for mothers day or for a birthday if you can’t get flowers to the person although they are a little pricey, this set was £20 which I’m sure you can find alternative card and flower combo’s for cheaper but I still think these are very pretty and convenient, specially if you add a the chocolates, all 3 in one package!

Is flowercard something you like the idea of?

* I was sent this flowercard as a gift for review purposes. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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