Gemporia: Silver Stacker Ring.

When it comes to jewellery I’m a very hard person to please. I prefer something classy and simple but with a twist, because I’m a complicated person y’ano?

I find it really hard to find items that stand out to me especially as I love silver, when gold and rose gold always seem to be more popular, so finding silver pieces can be difficult.

Gemporia: Silver Stacker Ring. NARS ring white gold

So when I was contacted by Gemporia, I was equally quite excited but a little worried that I wasn’t really the best person to talk about jewellery, because I’m so picky but I had a look through the website anyway just in case.

Firstly I’d like to mention that the website has SO much choice which is a good thing if you are into jewellery, I had a hard time narrowing down some things that I liked. There are so many beautiful gems and pearls to chose from, like seriously, so many gorgeous pieces! I decided on a white gold stacker ring that was very dainty and simple but something a little bit different.
Sweet Allure Gemporia: Silver Stacker Ring white gold tiffany bean

I have a Tiffany necklace that Nick bought me for our anniversary a couple of years ago, which is silver, quite dainty and a little different and this ring goes with it perfectly. I think they complement each other really well with the shape, the simplicity and colour, don’t you think?

Sweet Allure Gemporia: Silver Stacker Ring engagement ring heart diamond white gold 18ct

I also think it goes really well with my engagement ring, as I’ve struggled to find something easy to wear that doesn’t distract heavily from my engagement ring, as I personally like my engagement ring to be the focus piece of jewellery and this piece works really well with it. It also fits my finger really well because I seriously have teenie tiny fingers and finding something that fits is quite difficult but this one fits perfectly on my middle finger.

I’m so happy with this piece, I haven’t taken it off since it arrived because I love it so much! So I’d really like to thank Gemporia for working with me, they were super friendly and lovely and I genuinely think their store has some gorgeous really affordable pieces, you are bound to find something you like!

Guess I should start doing my nails more often now….

*I was gifted this ring by Gemporia which I am very thankful for however my thoughts are 100% my own and not influenced in any way.


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