LUSH Skincare Routine March 2016

If you caught my last Lush Skincare Routine you’ll have known for awhile that I’m all aboard the Lush boat for pretty much everything self-pampering wise these days.
ultrabland lush celestial serum moisturiser cleanser full of grace

After heading to a recent Lush Event I spent some time one on one with one of the lovely staff talking about my skin. I’ve been using the Ultrabland cleanser since being kindly gifted at the last event and  have absolutely loved it, so much so that when I’ve eventually used it all up I’ll be sure to buy another pot! It’s slightly thicker than average, I work this into my face using a good layer including over my eye make-up as it doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. I then take this off with a warm wet flannel and it leaves my face feeling really clean and moisturised. My friend Aimee even said she uses it as a moisturiser too, so this is a great all round product that I highly recommend!

ultrabland lush cleaser sweet allure skincare

So when I ran out of both my toner water and my moisturiser it was time to head back and find something new to experiment with. After talking with the lady, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have combination skin, meaning sometimes it can be dry and other times it’s quite oily and she immediately recommended the Full of Grace Serum bar.

lush skincare serum full of grace sweet allure

This is pretty self explanatory, its a serum in a solid bar form, you hold this in your hands until it warms up to the temperature of your body and then it starts to melt slightly. Then when you’ve got enough on your hands you just apply this to your face and make sure you’ve rubbed it in properly. As it’s a serum I use this at night time as it takes a long time to sink into your skin properly, you could use this at any point but obviously you’d need to allow yourself the time. I place the serum back in the bag and it almost immediately sets again.

LUSH skincare moisturiser celestial sweet allure

After applying my serum I use a new moisturiser over the top of it called Celestial. This smells amazing! My favourite scent in all the world is Vanilla and this smells of vanilla and almond, it’s perfect. It’s not too thick either, so it sinks it really nicely and doesn’t leave your skin really sticky. I am really enjoying this moisturiser and it goes a long way, so I can imagine this lasting a long long time.

After using the combo of all 3 of these things my skin has been doing really well. It hasn’t been anywhere near as oily or as dry, it seems to be fairly stable. It also seems to be helping keep my spots under control too, which is always a bonus right?! It also seems to be helping keep my make-up on longer too, which is something I always seem to struggle with.

Do you use Lush skincare? What products do you love? As I would love to hear your suggestions 🙂


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