Sunday Sitdown #6

Once again, its time for a little Sunday Sitdown and have a little catch up. Is it me or has the past 3 months just absolutely flown by? I can’t believe we’re 2 weeks away from April…seesh.
The past months I’ve been super busy on both the blogging and personal front. So this month I’ll certainly be splitting this post into two!


Things after Christmas died down a lot in the blogging world, its freezing cold, people are all spent up and things seem to go quiet for awhile, however in February things picked up a little. I’ve been to 3 events in the last month which is very exciting, I still can’t quite believe people invite me along to these things because people care about my takes a long time for things to sink in!

The first I went along to was at Nourish (post here), a Sheffield based healthy eating restaurant/take-away place which has really inspired me to eat healthier, I’m still meal preping lunches on weekends and as always attempting to eat more ‘clean’.

revolucion de cuba cocktails rum sweet allure
Secondly I went along to Revolucion De Cuba (post here), Nick was kindly invited along to this also and it was great to have an evening out with him so he can see what I get up to! He got to meet some other bloggers and try some good tasty food and drinks in the process!
lush humpty dumpty bath bomb sweet allure sunday sitdown
Then the last event I went to was a LUSH event (post here), these events are always so much fun, I mean, how many people would love to make their favourite products? Me, that’s who. Since coming out of this event I’ve made a serious effort to take some ‘me time’ to relax in a bath, do a face mask, body scrub and really make more effort to look after myself.
So as you can see, things have been picking up in the blogging world for me, although saying that I’ve been really struggling with my views and growing my blog recently, but I need to remind myself that I’m not in it for the ‘views’. This is exactly why after Christmas I decided to talk about things I wanted to talk about, because if my heart isn’t in it, what’s the point? Enough of the negative Nelly, I’ve been hugely inspired to read and write this past week, which is great and I’m taking full advantage of that!



DFS sofa Scandinavian furniture sweet allure sunday sitdown
DFS sofa Scandinavian furniture sweet allure style
This is my ‘cuddle chair’ and I’m so in love with it, it’s perfect for reading!
In typical Tarnya style, I’ve not only decided to plan a wedding this year, but I’ve also taken it upon myself to finally start doing up the house. I’ve slowly been trying to piece things together but I’ve decided to just properly go for it and start working on each room in turn. The first room I’ve decided to tackle is the living room as I spend the most amount of time in there and I just really want to finally make the house ‘ours’. So this past few months I’ve been working on picking out all the things for the living room which I’ll soon be doing a post on as it all comes together, but we had our new sofa delivered this week and I’m completely in love with it. I could talk all day about interiors so I’ll leave that for another post, so keep your eyes peeled if you are interested in my home!
tattoo wild flowers sweet allure forearm
Then lastly, I know I do enjoy a ramble post, but I got another tattoo. I’ve been really into tattoo culture for absolutely years and will always be interested in it. I already have 2, one on either feet but I’ve been planning on having an arm tattoo for as long as I can remember. To be honest, I’ve been waiting until I’ve seen an example of the position on the arm that I liked enough to get a tattoo there as I’m a pussy and don’t want something super visible. Cue Essie Button and her new arm tattoo. As soon as I saw the video she posted on it, I knew exactly where I wanted my arm tattoo, as it wasn’t super visible from the front, but you could see from behind. Fast forward a few weeks and boom, tattoo. I am planning on doing a post on this and my general thoughts on tattoos, so please let me know if that’s something you are interested in and I’ll put a post together asap. But here is a picture, it’s of wild flowers on my right forearm.


Congratulations if you made it to the end of this ramble post but this is what’s been going on in the little old life of me!

Let me know if you’d like a living room/interior or tattoo post!


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