Wedding Bells: The Beginnings.

This post series is starting much sooner than I anticipated but I am totally okay with that, because due to recent chats with family, it’s looking like 2016 will be the year we get married and I become a wifey.

Of course I want to blog about it, why wouldn’t I want to blog about possibly one of the most exciting things that have happened to me and I’m sure loads of you want a nosey, amiright? I wanted a place to write my thoughts and ideas and share some photo’s.

Firstly I want you all to know that we really are not traditional people. We will not be getting married in a church, which was the first hurdle of trying to find interesting venues for the ceremony and the reception. We also want a very small and intimate wedding, I’m not a fan of big weddings. Then lastly for us having an autumn wedding was something we both wanted, I don’t see the point of spending twice as much for the potential of sunshine in the summer, every single day has the chance of rain in the UK so why waste the £££. The one thing I do want to keep traditional though is bridesmaids, I need my besties around for my ‘big day’.

Another thing I know I really wanted is Polaroid photography as part of my wedding day, it’s just something I am super passionate about and I couldn’t imagine not having it as part of our day. So I’ve been on the search for a photographer and I finally found one I liked, so I’ve already messaged them. Yep, not even official yet but I’ve already found a photographer, go me.

So, I know this is quite a ramble post, but I’m so excited and needed to get out all my thoughts and whatnot. I am seriously so excited. I can’t wait to set the actual date and send out my save the dates/invites.

Things we’ve done so far are:
* Picked a date and location
*Organised all meetings to officially book and pay deposits
* Made a guest list
*Written all the ‘Save the Dates’ which are ready to send out when it’s ‘Official‘.
* Bought Nicks suit.
* Decided on bridesmaids and best man/girl
* Decided on a photographer

We’ve already hit our first hurdle, we had plans to go earlier this week to pay the deposit for the ceremony venue however the lady was off sick and we’re waiting on a call to re-arrange. It’s very frustrating as we need to secure the place so we can confirm the reception & photographer. Hopefully this will get sorted ASAP so we can start the ball rolling properly!

I’ll be sure to get back to you when the date is set and what things I need to start getting my bum into gear and sort out! I think I’m going to try and do an update every month.


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