My current LUSH face routine.

I have never really understood LUSH, most of all because I’m really not a bath person and the shop always smells so overpowering, but after my recent visit I finally kinda get it.

I headed in the other day to have a nosey at the cleansers because I’ve been on the look out for a new one for ages and ended up buying a whole face routine set due to the lovely shop assistant who helped me out. 

I picked up a cleanser, a toner and a moisturiser.

After looking through a couple of cleansers and going over the benefits of them, I settled on the ‘9 to 5‘ cleansing lotion. This lotion is super light weight and you really don’t need a lot of this, so will last quite a long time. I massage this into my face to remove my make up, including my eyes and then wipe it alllll off with a muslin cloth. I use this morning and night and am really liking it at the moment and is a switch up from my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. 

Next up is a ‘Tea Tree Water‘ toner spray, which is my favourite of the 3 as it smells amazing and really cooling on the skin, I wouldn’t have thought I’d love a tea tree product but it smells really nice and I can see me re-purchasing this already! You can spray this directly onto your face but I spray this onto a cotton pad and sweep this over my face to remove any last remaining dirt/make-up. I honestly think this has already helped with clearing up my skin up. Really recommend this product!

Then last up is the ‘Vanishing Cream‘ moisturiser, which again is very light weight and my skin sucks this up super quickly. What really drew me to this product was the fact that is mattifies skin, which I thought was really odd for a moisturiser? But seeing as I tend to have oily skin I thought this would be really helpful and it already seems to have started working. Apparently one of the ingredients in this is an aphrodisiac which made me laugh as the smell isn’t the best!

I think all 3 items came to just over £20, which for an entire face routine is pretty darn cheap. The sizes are good and will probably last quite awhile which is amazing when you consider how expensive other skincare brands are. LUSH use natural ingredients so nothing nasty for your skin and DO NOT test on animals, quite literally no bunnies were hurt to make these products, which makes me very happy.

If anyone has any recommendations for any other make-up or skincare items from LUSH please send them my way! I think I’m going to go back soon to pick up a face mask.

Also I’ve tried a different style of photography for this post, let me know if you like it!



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