20 More Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me.

I few months ago a wrote a blog post with 20 things you didn’t know about me and I found…


3 Inspirational Women I Really Admire.

We all have those people we look to for inspiration, whether it’s your friend, a blogger, your mother, celebrities or…


My Winter Warmer Fashion Essentials.

Are you one of those people who are just always cold? because same. So when it comes to winter fashion, I have…


3 Shows To Watch For True Crime Lovers.

I’ve always been fascinated with true crime. I’m not entirely sure where it started but it probably had something to…


A Mini Book Haul November 2017.

At the start of the year I made it a goal of mine to read 30 books. Although I got…


5 Disappointing Movie and TV Endings.

I often talk about the films and TV shows I love on my blog but like most things in life,…


10 Things I Would Do If I Won The Lottery.

How many times have you played the ‘If I won the lottery’ game with your friends and family? It was…


My Love/Hate Relationship With Blogging.

Blogging is my favourite hobby, I can’t stop thinking about it when i’m at work and it’s the first thing…


10 Fun Things I Miss From The 90’s.

We’ve all had those conversations with our friend or our work colleagues about things we remember from our childhood. The…


My Current 3 High Street Autumn Outfits.

I’m getting to that age now where I just know what my style is and what I feel comfortable in…


My November Goals.

I’ve been feeling really inspired again with my blogging at the moment and I can’t stop thinking up new blog…


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