The Realities Of Being 29.

This year I turn 30. 30 doesn’t sound like a particularly scary number and I’ve never really freaked out about…


5 Ways To Get Creative With Your Instagram.

Instagram has always been a place where I can experiment with my photography. It’s always been my favourite platform for…


Lesson 2 of Heartbreak: Rediscovering yourself.

On my journey to understanding the break down of my marriage early last year, I’ve wanted to talk about the…


My Travel Plans for 2019.

If you read my Guidelines for 2019 you’ll know that this year I really want to live more in the…


5 Ways I’m Practicing Body Positivity This Year.

In 2018 I joined Slimming World because I was fed up of feeling low about myself and eating my feelings.…


How I Created My 2018 Scrapbook.

For as long as I’ve owned a camera phone, I’ve taken tens of thousands of photos and printed out approximately…


78 Fun Date Ideas For 2019

After spending the last 5 years of my life with a person who basically wanted to do nothing, I spent…


My 2019 Guidelines.

I feel like it isn’t a new year without some kind of reflection / aims post for the year ahead…


What I Got For Christmas 2018.

I thought I’d write an old skool post today with a What I Got For Christmas this year. I haven’t…


Lesson 1 of Heartbreak: Self Worth.

I’ve been trying to figure out a way I can talk about the breakdown of my marriage for some time.…


The Encore, Stratford Upon Avon Review*

Ever since moving to Warwick almost 2 years ago (jeez hasn’t that gone fast?!) it wasn’t until late this year…


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