Hello and welcome to my little slice of the web!
I’m Tarnya, 27, originally from Nottingham but currently living in Warwick with my husband, Nick. By day I’m a video games tester but outside of work I have a variety of interests.
Over the past two years of writing for my blog, I have become extremely passionate about film, photography and art, in which you will find a lot of content around these topics on my blog.
I do however, aim to share personal experiences and opinion pieces around here, as I like to be completely honest with my readers about every aspect of my life. Whatever you read about on this blog, you can 100% guarantee it comes from the heart, whether its talking about mental health or married life, right down to the clothes I buy or the make-up I wear.If you would like to contact me for any reason, sponsored content, collaborations or would like to know something in general, my email is:

I try to post a three times a week, so pop back and check out what I’m gabbing on about whenever you can, but in the meantime you can get to know me better on the following social media!
  • Thank you! It's good to be here 🙂 x

  • I agree – so cool! have you done any posts on gaming? I've done a few and got another scheduled. Always nice to find local bloggers too 🙂 x
    x GNAR MOSH x

    • Hello Amy!

      No I haven't written anything about gaming yet but I have a feeling I will on multiple occasions! The steam sale is on and I've already bought a couple games….haha.

      Local? Where are you from? X