My Current Netflix Loves.

For a little while, I actually took a break from Netflix and tried to use all of the subscription services I pay for. Eventually I returned to my first love, Netflix. I’d found some new things to watch that had re-ignited my binge-worthy habits. So I thought I’d share some shows I’ve been loving on Netflix recently.

My Current Netflix Loves

Dead To Me

I recently picked this back up after a friends recommendation. I went in from the start of season 1 and quickly realised that I had indeed watched all of Series one and seemingly forgotten it existed. So I refreshed myself on a couple of episodes before diving into Season 2. Besides the bonkers plot of this show, I really enjoy the strong female characters and their relationships, with a splash of true crime mixed in.


Another one that I watched but didn’t remember watching until I was a few episodes in. Safe is about a girl that goes missing and her father tries to untangle the web that surrounds her disappearence. Lots of small town/community problems and keeping up appearences but this is a really great drama with some really good twists and turns, with a brilliant cast to boot.

Bojack Horseman

I came really late to the party on this one but I eventually got around to watching all of this recently. This is a dark comedy I’d say, lots of situational jokes but with much darker topics. I really enjoyed this show, I love all of the background humour in each episode and the ending was perfect. I loved the development of the chatacters too. A great game to play on this show is try and spot all the celebrity cameos, as there is so many of them.

Nailed It!

I’ve mentioned this series before but it’s a baking show where they get people who basically can’t bake onto the show and make them do ridiculously complicated things. Thus resulting in some hilarious baking abominations. I’ve actually laughed out loud so many times watching this show.

Magic For Humans

Magician Justin Willman takes to the street for street based magic. I’ve always loved shows like this, I was really into David Blaine back in the day and I really enjoy Derren Brown. It’s a really easy to watch show about magic and we have 3 seasons to get through. There have been moments where Chris and I look at each other like, how the hell did he do that?!

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

This brings to light a lot of the stories from the survivors of sex offender Jeffrey Epstien. This documentary is horrific and equally fascinating and really gives the survivors a chance to share their side of the story. Really recommend if you’re wanting to learn more about this awful man and the surrounding investigation. A must for true crime fans.

Tuca and Bertie

I watched this entire season in two sittings. Show about 2 women in their 30’s and about female friendships. It coves some more lighter topics but also a lot of deeper topics about grown up relationships, careers and sexual assult but handles them in a really mature and realistic way too. It’s very high energy and has bright colours but I really enjoyable. Such a shame there is only one season currently, but I think a second was very recently commissioned!

What have you been enjoying on Netflix recently?

I’d absolutely love if you let me know your favourites as i’m trying to compile a list of new things to watch! I’ve started watching Schitt’s Creek but i’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I also finished watching the last series of New Girl and was pretty disappointed with the ending.

Brb watching Netflix,
Tarnya xox

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