Thank You, May.

May has been a rollercoaster for me. I was doing seemingly well all through April and even the beginning of May, but jeez, it got rough. I’ve been struggling quite a lot with my mental health one day and being fine the next and honestly it’s been quite exhausting. I’m really trying to take things easy and not be so hard on myself. So, now more than ever, I need to focus on some of the positive little things that are making this wild ride a little easier.

Thank you May

Despite the dips in mental health, May has actually been pretty good. We’ve been cooking a lot more interesting food now that the supermarkets stocks are returning to normal. Taking the time to make something from scratch that’s super tasty is actually really exciting. I have a Teams chat at work where we all share what we’ve been creating and it’s great getting new ideas and sharing great recipes, so this is something I’ve been very grateful for! I bought this book with roasting tin recipes and the 3 we’ve tried so far have been great!

Bank Holidays.

I actually booked an extra day’s holiday on both of the bank holidays in May. Which means I had 2 four day weekends. It may seem pointless but I actually found it really nice to have 4 whole days to enjoy my different hobbies without feeling guilty for not being able to spend as much time as I wanted on each. I did some blog post writing, cross stitch, reading, catching up on tv shows and I even managed to get to the post office and post off some orders. I’d highly recommend taking some time off to really have some real downtime that a weekend doesn’t quite hit the spot for.

Lucy Wood Vlogs.

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a more down to earh or relatable Youtuber and I live for the notifications that she’s uploaded a new vlog. They’re really giving me something to look forward to and have a nice distraction for 30 minutes.

Lindt Chocolate Balls.

These have to be the best chocolate on the planet?! I ordered a box for myself off Amazon and I’m not sure if it’s the chocolate gods shining on me or I made a mistake but 2 boxes turned up instead of the 1 I thought I’d ordered, so that made me very happy! I’ve actually managed to make these balls of pure heaven last almost the entire month, that has to be some kind of world record..surely?!?

Hitting 2k on Instagram.

I know I know, how self centered does this sound? But seriously, I’ve been trying to get to 2k for quite literally 5 years and I’ve finally hit my goal! I’m planning on running a Disney themed giveaway soon to celebrate so keep your eye out for that! But I’ve been really enjoying running quizzes on my stories, creating a new hashtag #sweetgrid and really getting stuck into Instagram again. So if you fancy keeping up to date with my grid and stories, give me a follow!

Cross Stitchin’

Thank you May
Follow the progress of this piece over on Instagram stories.

I promised last month that i’d share a post of my Hogwarts Castle piece progress, so here it is! It’s taken me like 40 hours so far, probably more because I lost count. But it’s probably got at least that left on it too but i’m really happy with progress so far! Once this is done I am going to put it in a wooden hoop and it will hang in my house till the end of time due to how much effort it took. I’m stuck with this thing for life now. I bought this pattern of the Hogwarts castle from this etsy shop.

Few other things…

I’ve been writing a lot more this month and it’s been really great to get stuck into something creative to share with the world. I painted a little Winnie the Pooh piece for my friends birthday and he loved it. I’ve caught up with Killing Eve and I’m honestly blown away by how good this show is. I finally bought some leggings from Lucy and Yak and i’m so excited for them to arrive so I can take some outfit photos. Still managing to run ~5k three times a week, i’m thinking about maybe upping it to four times a week soon. Oh and I also dyed my hair lilac…photo’s soon I promise.

What are you thankful for in May?

I’d love to hear what you’ve been loving this month because honestly I could do with a little cheering up this month. I want to know how you’re doing, what you’re doing to keep busy, what you’ve been loving watching,reading, writing or listening to. Or what your current favourite snack or meal is!

Take care of yourselves,
Tarnya xox


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