Thank You, February.

Last month I started a new series on my blog with the intention to look back each month with Gratitude. I want to spend a little time focusing on the good, fun and even the small things each month instead of the negatives. If you fancy reading my positive post from last month, you can read Thank you, January. So let’s delve into what i’m thankful for in February.

thank you February

Reading more books.

I’ve spent a lot of time in February reading. I finally charged my dead Kindle and have been taking advantage of the kindle store offers. It’s so much easier to carry around and when I finish a book, I can move straight onto the next one without waiting till I get home! I’m really looking forward to taking my Kindle to Australia on holiday in March, so I can blast through a bunch in my back catalog. I’m also hoping to take advantage of my friends sharing their library with me and save myself some money by not buying new books! (Which also helps with my last months goal of getting on top of my finances.)

Singing in the shower.

This is very random, I am aware…but honestly singing in the shower to summer jamz or disney songs really makes me happy. I mean, sure my boyfriend probably isn’t the most keen about this whole situation…but hey it makes me happy so tough! I’ve been loving sticking on my Spotify playlist, using my Sleepy shower gel from LUSH and attempting to sing along to some songs to de-stress after work.

Sharing more creators on my platforms.

I’ve been really trying to spread love and appreciation for some of the creators I really enjoy online. I follow quite a lot of people I really admire on social media and some I’ve followed for years and it’s about time I was doing more to support them. I’ve been donating to projects, buying products from small businesses, supporting Patreon’s and sharing work as often as I can. I just hope it helps in some way and it’s something I definitely want to do more of going forward. If you’d like to see all the creators i’m sharing, please head over and follow my Instagram.

Mini trips.

Things started a little slow on the travel front for me this year, but they’re starting to pick up. We had a little day trip to Buxton at the start of the month which was lovely and made me excited for more weekend trips to come. We’re also off to Bristol at the end of the month so i’ll be writing all about that too!

Next month I’ll be writing all about Australia and i’m super psyched for that!

Chocolate covered pretzels.

So last month my snack of the month was chocolate raisins… and this months favourite snack award goes to…..Chocolate covered pretzels! They’re so salty and sweet at the same time, which is the perfect combinations, lets be honest. I want to snack less next month, so hopefully my snack next month is a little healthier.

A few more little things…

I’ve really been enjoying my new Honey I washed the kids perfume from LUSH and the Sleepy shower gel. I’m still changing up my hair colour and I’ve been enjoying the confidence it’s given me. Spending Valentines together eating take out food and binge watching Netflix with my boyfriend because we’re old and boring. I also bought some new bedding from Urban Outfitters with little naked ladies on and that’s been bringing me lots of joy every night.

What are you thankful for in February?

Take some time to sit down and really focus on the little moments day to day that brings you joy. Where does your mind wander to when you’re bored or stressed at work? What are the snacks or the little moments of solace? Also maybe take this moment to text a friend, call a family member and check in to see how they are or support them in whatever project they’ve got going on right now. What have you been loving in February?

Tarnya xox


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