Thank You January.

Part of my intentions for 2020 is to keep note of all the things I’m grateful for after writing about my Gratitude mission. Lets be real, January is never the easiest month and personally I didn’t have a significantly inspiring one. So every month I want to take some time to sit down and write about some of the things I’m grateful for, even those seemingly slow/low months like January.

thank you January

General Finances.

Everyone knows that January is the longest month in history between pay day’s but due to the work I’ve been doing on my finances for the past couple of years, it wasn’t too much of a struggle. I’ve also managed to pay off my credit card in full this month and still put a good chunk of money into my 2020 savings account. I know i’m in a very privileged position but I feel grateful for all the hard work paying off over the last couple of years.

Next month: I’d like to be able to have sold a few more things on eBay and a few more orders from my Etsy Shop.

Down time.

I guess the big side effect of winter is that the sun goes down at 4pm (or does it even come up at all?!) but it means not many adventures and plenty of cosy nights in on the sofa watching TV and drinking tea and eating biscuits. I’ve read a lot more during January, spent more time catching up on all the amazing TV shows and writing for my blog and just enjoying being creative. Although I know January has got me down a little for the lack of adventures, but maybe focusing on the down time isn’t a bad thing.

Next month: I want to have painted 2 more paintings for my shop and hopefully have my pin designs moving forward.

Changing my hair up.

I decided at the end of 2019, I wanted to have some fun with my hair this year. I’ve always wanted to have funky coloured hair or hair styles so I finally treated myself and got my hair done. I had it balayaged so I can semi-permanently dye it. I’ve already had lilac and currently experimenting with a darker purple/pink, so i’m excited to play around with it and change up my look!

Next month: I want to have found a way to not need to dye it every week!

Chocolate raisins.

Yeah I know it’s super random but my god I love them, I’ve not eaten them in ages because I’m been *attempting* to lose a little weight, but I had some last weekend and I’m just straight up addicted again hahaha.

Next month: Find the next treat I’m obsessed with..

A few more little things….

A new cute dress I bought for my trip to Australia next month, having lunch with a friend, having dinner with a friend, my electric blanket, my cute new Papier notebooks, finally seeing Frozen 2 and being obsessed with the Soundtrack, watching 1917 (which is amazing btw), finally gaining followers on my Instagram account after weeks of hard work and finally getting a potential collaboration email for my blog.

Next month: Have watched more films in the cinema, read at least another book and make an effort for a date night with my love.

What are you thankful for this January?

I really hope you can sit down and think of all the little things that has bought you joy this month, even it’s something as simple as a great cup of tea you made or the biscuit you had with it. Maybe it’s a text from a friend that made you smile, or a Youtube video you enjoyed. Maybe it’s something huge like finally hitting a huge goal at work/home or getting married! Try and really take stock of all the things that can be easy to overlook.

Tarnya xox


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