Small Ways to Make Your Money Go Further.*

Over the past two years I’ve really focused on sorting out my finances and learning how to make my money go further. On my finance journey I’ve learned lots of little tips and tricks, so I wanted to share them with you and make your money go further too!

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Throwback to a couple of years ago, I was in debt, living pay cheque to pay cheque and worrying about the decision to either buy petrol to get to work that week or buying food. My ex-husband was terrible with money and we never really got our head above water after spending money on our wedding and buying our house. Now that we’ve separated, I’ve paid off my debt, save regularly, go on holidays and have an emergency fund and buy myself things I want. I definitely have a very good grip on my finances.

Some of the things I’ve learned along the way is to make the most of even the small ways you spend your money.

Reward Cards/Apps.

I know Store cards can be a hassle when they mount up in your purse however I’ve found an app called Stocard. You upload all your account/card details for those accounts so they’re all in the same place, you can even scan them from the app so no card carrying needed! That way when you are spending money, you’re gaining points to spend later. I use mine for my Boots, Nando’s, Superdrug cards and it’s handy having them all in one place.

Coffee is my weakness and I choose to spend my money on it, so knowing i’m getting stamps or money towards coffee’s down the line is making the most of my money. An extra trick is that if you’re on the o2 network, every week they give away a free Cafe Nero coffee to it’s customers through the Myo2 app. Even though you’re getting a free coffee you still get a free stamp, so you’re getting free coffee that eventually leads to free coffee….it’s a win win! Places either offer money back or extra stamps if you use your own re-usable cup too, so you can help save the environment and your bank balance.

Cash Back Sites.

There are some big cash back websites we all know about like Top Cashback (my referral link here)which I try to take advantage of. A tip for this is to install the plugin extension to your web browser so it notify’s you when you’re on certain websites if cashback is available for that purchase.

Another good cashback app is AirTime Rewards. You can link your debit card and it tracks your purchases and any cashback earned can be used as credit against your phone bill. So if you really had the time, you could use both Top Cashback and Airtime rewards for the same purchase and get double the cash back! There are loads of brands signed up to AirTime rewards, which means I get money back on a variety of things from Boots, Argos, Cafe Nero (making that free coffee stamps and any cash back on cash spent!) to places like Primark and Morrisons. I’ve recently claimed back £10 against my phone bill and looking to have £5 off for next month. Money I was already spending is helping reduce other bills too!

My referral code is YWKJNCX4 if you did want to sign up and we’d both receive 50p when you join and another £1 each if you make a purchase within the first 7 days.

Small Money Saving Challenges.

Over the past few months I’ve been trying to switch up the way I save/put money aside. Sometimes it feels difficult to put large sums of money aside so doing little things but more often might help make it a regular thing for you and get used to it. So here are some of the ones I’ve been enjoying recently.

Monzo 1p Challenge. This is something I read about quite recently and signed up for straight away. Basically on the first day you sign up it puts 1p into an account which goes up every consecutive day. So day 2 it puts in 2p, day 3, 3p etc etc. So on the last day of the year it’ll be putting £3.65 into your account. It’s meant to get you used to saving and building up slowly. By the end of 365 days you should have a total of £671.61.

Weekly Regular Savings. I’ve set up a standing order each week to move £20 into a 2020 savings account. That way it doesn’t feel like a big chunk of money coming out at once and it helps me save money by regularly putting it aside without me having to manually do it (thus be less likely to forget about it). £20 a week means in a year you’ll be saving £1040 without lifting a finger.

Rounding Up Purchases. This is a really simple one and most bank accounts are starting to offer this service. Basically any purchase you make that isn’t an exact round pound, you can choose to round it up to the nearest pound and that difference gets put into a separate account.

A few other ideas are spending bans, piggy banks for spare change and vouchers/offers for things you need to spend money on. Get creative with making your money go further! I even sit and do Surveys in my spare time via the Curious Cat app which I can cash out as cash or vouchers. Every little helps!

Make money writing with Get Blogged*.

I’ve had my blog for 5 years now (I know, where did the time go!?) but if you’re willing to play the long game and create content, it’s also a way to make an additional income. There are a few ways to make money from writing/blogging, Affiliate links are quite popular for recommending products or stays for example and these can slowly build up over time. Or you can get paid blogging* and writing content for brands, which is how I make a little additional income to help fund my travels and adventures! You can find these opportunities on blogging network Facebook pages or even searching for hashtags like #prrequests and #bloggerswanted on twitter. You can even pitch yourself to brands, letting them know what you can offer and collaborate on creating content together for a specific audience

It’s hard work and can take some time but if you can monetise your passion project then why shouldn’t you!

Have you found these tips helpful?

I’m actually become really passionate about money budgeting and saving money over the last couple of years and if this post is something you’ve enjoyed reading please let me know and I’ll do more!

Would you use any of the tips suggested? Or have your own you want to add to list? Please let me know in the comments as I’d love to hear from you!

Tarnya xox

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