10 Easy Vegan Meals To Try This January.

Veganuary is becoming more popular year on year, now with big brands jumping on board and releasing vegan options each January. Whether you’re trying to go Vegan full time or conscious of how much meat you’re eating and would like to cut down, I’ve got 10 easy vegan meals for you to try.

Apologies for the terrible photo of my vegan cottage pie!

Over the last couple of years I’ve tried to reduce my meat consumption, not only because the environmental impact is huge, then the issue of animal cruelty, but also because, to be honest, I don’t really like the taste of most meat. When I do buy meat or animal products, I’ve switched to buying free range wherever possible or find the best alternative I can. For example, I straight up just don’t drink milk anymore, I just prefer the taste of Oat or coconut milk in my tea and coffee now days. So over the past couple of years I’ve found some simple and easy vegan dishes to throw together.

1. Jacket Potato.

Pretty simple to make for lunch or for a more substantial evening meal. Top with your chilli, or beans and vegan cheese. Whatever you prefer, it’s a classic.

2. Vegan/Veggie burgers.

There is a huge range of vegan burgers in supermarkets now but most veggie burgers are also vegan as they’re just made from vegetables! Most bread is vegan and so are chips! Super easy, chuck it all in the oven and wait for your tasty dinner.

3. Chilli con carne.

A classic easy vegan meal, all it needs is a few little swaps, no beef but throw a bunch of beans in for the protein instead, also swap out your beef for veggie stock. You can top with vegan cheese to flavour and why not use your left overs on your jacket potato the next day!

4. Cottage pie.

This recipe is quite similar to the Chilli above, just switch out the spices for vegan Worcestershire sauce (recipe here) or just replace with soy sauce if you really can’t be bothered to make it. We have this as a veggie meal and replace the meat with quorn. Simple swap but still tastes amazing. Place it all in a oven proof dish, top with mashed potato and bake in the oven, top with vegan cheese for cheesy mash (optional but recommended!).

5. Pesto pasta.

You can find vegan green pesto very easily in the supermaket (FYI regular pesto has Parmesan in it) and we like to throw this together with some cherry tomato’s and dried pasta. Super easy and tastes super fresh and lasts a few days so can be made in bulk and taken as lunch to work etc.

Red vegan pesto we tend to use with roasted veggies like onion, courgette, peppers, mushrooms and cherry tomato’s as the flavour goes better together with the red pesto (tomato based).

Note: Fresh pasta contains eggs, so avoid fresh and buy dried pasta.

6. Sausage Casserole.

Linda McCartney veggie sausages are actually vegan! So you can use them in a casserole. Our favourite is butter bean and veggie sausage casserole. Loads of recipes online for this and we throw it all in the slow cooker. If you can find some Vegan Chorizo, then bonus as chorizo really adds some of those deeper spice flavours but you can add any combination of pulses to your taste.

7. Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry.

We had this in a cafe recently and I absolutely loved it. Warm, filling and simple to make, this can also be changed to make whatever combination is your jam. Recipe here.

8. Leftovers Pie.

Jus-Rol puff and short crust pastry are both vegan. So either make yourself your favourite pie or you can use left overs from most of the meals above. Throw the left overs in an oven proof dish, place some ready made pastry on the top and cook in the oven. Super easy!

9. Pizza/ Easy pizza bread.

The only thing that you need to source for pizza is a vegan cheese of your liking. You can either find a recipe to make vegan dough yourself but if you don’t have time (like me), a great slab of ciabatta, some passata, your vegan cheese and any toppings on your choice will do the trick. Grill or oven cooked with a side salad or chips and you’re sorted!

10. Stir Fry.

I tend to make Stir Fry with rice instead of noodles but either way, Stir fry is pretty much vegan. You can either leave out the meat and make the same dish of vegetables, soy sauce and noodles. Or you can add Linda McCartney’s pulled Chicken for some texture, or any meat alternative that you wish of your choice (for veggie or vegan versions).

So there you have it, classic family favourites but with a little twist. You don’t have to give up all your favourites because they typically involve meat! I’ve really been enjoying experimenting and switching things up with my meals and trying to make them more meat/animal product free. It’s been surprising easier than I thought as you can see from the 10 in this blog post!

Whats your favourite Vegan meals?

I’d love to hear what your go-to vegan meals, snacks, baking recipes are as I grow my culinary skills and continue my animal product free journey.

Tarnya xox

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