Why I’m Choosing a Slow Christmas this year.

Lets throw back to Christmas 2018. I spent christmas in Scotland meeting all of Chris’s family and it was lovely to spend time with them all however it was quite intense for me who finds social interaction like this quite hard. It didn’t help they also had dogs and cats everywhere and I had severe allergic reacts for the entire time, so I felt horrendous and trapped in my bedroom for alot of it. We had a few little lovely walks and adventures too but I did feel like a massive burden to everyone.

After spending time with family we had a couple of days downtime in St Andrews where we spent it playing card games, seeing friends and eating lots of fish and chips.

We eventually headed back home to welcome our friends round for new year where unfortunately I got a horrendous stomach bug and spent 2 days either passed out exhausted or in the bathroom, lovely. So as you can probably tell, it was a pretty heavy going christmas last year. I had a great time don’t get me wrong, but I spent most of it ill or travelling, I even had to call in sick for the first few days of work it was that bad and didn’t really get a day to myself to just relax.

So what are my Christmas 2020 plans?

So this year I have a whopping 17 days off, I know, I’m super lucky and I don’t quite know how it happened but I plan on spending those as chilled as humanly possible. We’re still travelling up to see Chris’s family for a few days again this year, although there won’t be any dogs and cats this year so no hiding in room!

But after that we’re coming home to do nothing basically. I have a bunch of puzzles I want to relax and put together. I want to watch a bunch of TV shows I’ve not gotten around to watching all year and watch the Gavin and Stacy Christmas Special I’m so excited for whilst spending some time painting and re-jigging my blog and shop. We have plans to meet up with friends locally for coffee and to play board games. I also plan to cook tasty food (and eat it!) and go for wintery walks to not feel like a hermit.

I’m really hoping this down time gives me some time to heal and rest for the sake of my mental health as i’ve been feeling quite anxious recently. I think I’ve been suffering with S.A.D too and the christmas slump is always a rough time for so many. So a slow christmas is really on the cards for me this year.

What are your christmas plans this year?

Are you having a slow christmas? I hope you have a wonderful one doing whatever makes you feel good and happy. Merry christmas!

Tarnya xox

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