Ways I’ve Challenged Myself This Year.

To say the last 2 years have been a journey, is an understatement. Imagine climbing to Mount Doom with Godzilla chasing you whilst Zanos is tryna drag me back down. Also if you get all of those references, we should be friends.

a woman stood looking over a cliff with the shot taken of her from behind like she's in a thoughtful pose. The cliff is set in scotland and the image is in black and white.

2018 was the year of less and growth, I’d come out of a toxic marriage, moved twice, lost a bunch of weight, started a new job, met someone new. It was a rollercoaster of exciting new scary things but it was still very much a year of learning and growing.

2019 though has been a whole different story. I decided to take 2019 by the balls and just run with it. It’s been terrfying for the most part but i’ve certainly grown into a more confident person.

The ‘Grown up’ stuff

I set myself a money saving goal which I managed to get to whilst enjoying my life, travelling and buying over the top things like the new iPhone 11pro. But whilst also having money put aside to deal with emergencies and adult stuff like my boiler breaking and having to fork out for a new one….right before christmas.

I finally stopped being scared of the doctor and started making medical appointments for the things i’ve honestly put off for decades. I’m currently getting my knee looked at after suffering with it for years, I’m waiting on some blood test results to hopefully figure out what’s wrong with it. Next on my list is to tackle the dentist….

I’ve spent time developing myself at work. I’ve been on courses to help with my presenting skills and confidence for public speaking (which btw i’m still terrified of but each little step helps right!?). I’ve also trained to be a ‘spirit champion’ at work which means i’m someone who can listen and support you through tough times. The training for that was super intense but I learned alot of skills I can apply to everyday life too.

Personal development

I guess alot of things can fall under this category but I’ve done alot of self reflection and development this year. I’ve stepped away from my phone and tv and spent alot more time reading, exploring, taking photos, doing crafts, travelling and doing all the things I’ve wanted to do for years but never felt like I had the chance to do.

I’ve spent alot of time working on loving myself. I’ve explored new fashion, tried not to focus on my weight and taking photos of myself to get to know myself better. It’s been a long journey and i’m sure it’ll never really end, its certainly been a step in the right direct. I still need to work on getting into the habit of booking things like regular haircuts and I honestly could really do with a massage every once in a while. But hey, there’s always things to work on.

I’ve been regularly exercising by playing Badminton with some people from work and it feels so good to enjoy sports, have fun and get a good workout. I think the key to enjoying exercise for me is just having fun and not taking things too seriously, sports can get so competitive and i’m not about that life y’ano.

Not to mention all of the volunteering i’m doing with work to bring more Women into the games industry and teaching young girls that gaming is a valid career choice. I find this really rewarding and i’m looking forward to making a difference in my field of work in the long term.

What will 2020 bring?

So as you can tell it’s definitely been a very jam packed year with both new experiences and deep dives inwards. I’m really proud of how much i’ve managed to achieve this year and it makes me really excited about the things I could plan and achieve next year too.

What things are you proud of achieving this year? It can be as simple as sticking to the gym twice a week or eating vegetables everyday. Every achievement is valid!

Tarnya xox


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