Do I Rebrand?

Hello, I’m back again. I’ve lost count of how many this is now. I’m basically Eminem. Today’s thoughts…do I rebrand?

do i rebrand?
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I’ve been really wanting to return to my blog for awhile now but I honestly just feel like I’ve outgrown ‘SweetAllure’. It was a random name I threw together all those years ago because it was generic enough to not be narrowing and box me into a niche. Turns out, blogging is all about having a niche, silly past Tarnya, what a fool she is.

So I’ve been struggling for the last few months about whether I should rebrand or not and if so, what to. I’ve been toying with making this a travel blog, as I spend a lot of my life travelling now days, but I also enjoy talking about real life, my mental health, nerdy stuff, fashion and photography.

So over the next few weeks (when I’ve finally figured it out) Sweet Allure will be changing name to something more suited to my interests. I’m hoping this will be a fairly smooth transition and people will still want to read this little old blog.

In the meantime I’ve had a very slight revamp by switching up the colour theme on my blog. I’ve gone for sophisticated Christmas vibes, because why not! I’m also hoping to change up my theme a little in the future and have something a little more sophisticated there too, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it yet….

I know this post is pretty short and mostly a ramble but I gotta start somewhere.

Have you done a rebrand in the past? If so throw some advice and tips my way please!

Have a great weekend.
Tarnya xox


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