My Re-Introduction.

A year ago I wrote a blog post called Hello, My Name Is Tarnya to reintroduce myself to my readers after a few years of blogging. Although it was only a year ago I wrote that piece, I feel like an entirely new person now. I’ve had a pretty eye opening year and I’d like to bring you along with me in that journey, including the ways it’s changed me. Maybe I should do one of these posts every year to see how different I feel but I thought I’d reintroduce myself with this post. So welcome to my Re-introduction.

my re-introduction to sweet allure

So hi, my name is Tarnya but pretty much everyone I know calls me ‘T’. I’m the older sibling to my little brother Ross, who’s really not so little anymore. I was born in Nottingham, but have lived in London, Sheffield and now Leamington Spa, where, I feel I could really live here long term.

I’m probably the most Virgo person you’ve ever met in your life and sometimes it makes me think my personality traits were predetermined just by the time of year I was born and it freaks me out. Im very much an extrovert introvert, which means I really thrive off the connection and interaction with people, but need alot of alone/me time to recover and regenerate energy after.

I didn’t try a curry until I was 19 and I absolutely hate mayonnaise, oh and celery, yuck! But I really enjoy cooking and my go to Starbuck drink is a Skinny Caramel macchiato. My favourite scent is vanilla and for my 30th birthday this year I’m going to Disneyland Paris for the first time in my life and I’m honestly the most excited I’ve pretty much ever been.

Over the past year I’ve learned what things are important to me in life. Enjoying good company, travelling, creating and decent coffee. I’ve certainly learned that I don’t need ‘things’ to make me happy. Life is for living after all. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get married again but I know for sure I want kids in the next few years.

I have a pretty heavy polaroid camera addiction, which costs me way too much money. And if I could jack it all in for a chance to be a photographer, I would. I’ve always wanted to post really artsy/creative intimate self portraits on my instagram but wayyy too many people from work follow me, so that’s not going to happen.

I don’t have a particulary cool style but I do enjoy my collection of ‘jazzy’ shirts, which basically means I dress like a childrens tv presenter from time to time. I’m also abit of a shoe addict but still only wear the same 3 pairs. I still don’t feel like I’m there with my body confidence just yet but I do feel like I’m getting there, one tiny wrinkle and roll at a time. I’ll eventually take on my tv presenter true form.

In the last year I’ve done some pretty big things outsides of my comfort zone. I’ve left a horrible relationship, moved out on my own, got a big arm tattoo, changed career path, spoke on a panel, been on live streams and really worked hard on getting more girls into the gaming industry. I’m really proud of myself for that.

I’m still scared of heights and terrified of drowning and a teenie bit afraid of the dark, but I guess some things never change! Oh and I’m left handed, like that means anything! I swear too much and am pretty much cold 98% of the time.

I’m fascinated by space but if I spend too long thinking about it, it hurts my brain and I feel so insignificant. So I try not to go down that rabbit hole too often but I do want a space themed tattoo.

Last year when I wrote this post I ended by saying that my life didn’t feel very put together, but this year I feel like it’s all coming along rather swimmingly, so I guess that’s something. Maybe I just needed a re-introduction to myself.

Please let me know one thing about yourself you feel is really ‘you’ in the comments below as I’d love to get to know you better too! xox


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