Why I’m Cheating On Netflix With Books.

I’m a self confessed Netflix-o-holic. I can easily sit there and binge watch an entire series of something in an evening after work. It was my favourite hobby, besides eating chocolate, but to be honest the two go hand in hand.
However this year, I really wanted to start reading more books, creating more, generally spending alot more time away from a screen.

So I’m here to confess my secret, I’ve been cheating on Netflix with books.

Why I'm Cheating On Netflix With books www.sweetallure.co.uk

When did it start?

Well truth be told, it started late last year. I’d been spending alot of time on my phone and Apple screen time decided to tell me how many hours i’d been spending looking at my phone every week. They don’t seem related, yet, lets be honest, whenever I sit watching TV I’m also scrolling away on my phone, aimlessly going through social media. So it made me realise how much time I was actually spending, argueably wasting, just watching TV.

One of the main things I wanted from this year was to just live life more. Read more, write more, do more. So sitting on my ass doing nothing but watching TV wasn’t really the vision I had for myself you know?

I’d started listening to audiobooks last year before I went to sleep to help me unwind and fall asleep easier. It’s probably the best thing I’ve done in establishing a routine before bed. It literally takes me a minute or two of listening before I’m out cold. So listening to something means I pretty much don’t hear anything of whats going on anymore, so trying to digest books by listening to them just wasn’t working.

I’d had a pile of books I’d, with good intention, bought last year and decided this year should be the year I actually read them.

It even spurred me on to start a book swap at work. A few people have left books for people to take a look at with the hopes that people might save some money instead of spending money on books, give books a longer life and read something different!

What’s wrong with Netflix?!

Nothing! I still enjoy the occasional binge session here and there but I associate watching Netflix with being neglected by my ex-husband. I would aimlessly watch TV in another room whilst being ignored, reaching out to talk to people on social media as a way to not feel so alone.

Now that i’m in a much happier and healthier place, I just don’t want to sit and watch hours and hours of Netflix when I could be writing, creating or seeing my friends. It’s just something I want to cut down on. When I moved house in October last year I made the conscious effort to not have a TV or Games Console in my bedroom, as I wanted to make it a very TV free zone and get rid of the temptation to do so.

It’s been working and I highly recommend it!

How do you find the time?!

I like to spend a good hour or so every evening before going to sleep or first thing in the morning instead of scrolling through my phone. Basically I just replace all that time scrolling with a book instead. It must work because I’ve whizzed through a whopping 7 booked so far this year.

If i’m stressed, I read to escape. If i’m anxious it helps distract me from my phone and endlessly scrolling. I see it as time to treat myself and practice some self love/me time.

I’ve been trying to vary the type of book genre’s I’ve been reading to keep things different and interesting, I can see reading the same kind of genre over and over could be quite repetitive and boring, so I like to switch things up. And as a result I’ve found some great authors that I want to read more from.

Will I continue doing this?

Hells yes. I’ve found I’ve been sleeping better, not wasting precious time staring at my phone and has helped me live more of a ‘slow’ lifestyle. I appreciate little lie-ins with a cup of tea and reading my book. I like the routine and knowing I’ve acheived something at the end of it rather than just aimlessly looking at the internet.

Are you a reading convert or looking to read more instead of watching? Have any amazing book recommendations you want to share? Please let me know in the comments below!

Tarnya xox

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