Longleat Safari Park Photo Diary.

If you read my 78 fun date ideas post, you’ll have seen that one of the things I’ve wanted to do this year is visit a zoo or safari park. It was my boyfriends birthday last week and I planned a little weekend away for us to visit Longleat Safari park and stay in Bradford-on-avon. It was a great little way to spend a couple of days together, see animals and nerd out about photography together.

We headed down to Longleat on friday morning and spent most of the day driving around the safari park, so much so that we kind of had to rush around the walking sections at the end! I was so sad we ran out of time to look through the giftshop, although I’m pretty sure my bank account sighed in relief at that.

I wanted to share our favourites photo’s we took on our ‘proper’ camera, it’s just taken a little while to edit and upload them!

I love how he’s sticking his tongue out.
Not a bad shot to say we couldn’t take the windows down!

The one animal I was desperate to see at Longleat was the Red Panda’s, they’ve been on my list of must-see animals for a long time now. I was not disappointed. It was possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I was so emotional about it. They’re such lovely, soft, sweet things. The photo’s we took really captured the cute playfulness of them.

Peek a boo!

Honourary mention to the parrots, for just being so bloody colourful and amazing to shoot. They’re super chill and just hang out around the park.


Bradford-on-avon was a stereotypical little British postcard village. Lots of cute little tea rooms and coffee shops. We stayed in a AirBnB about a 5 mins drive away and had dinner a lovely resturant called The Weaving Shed.

It was the perfect get away for a few days, waking up to beautful views and the biggest cosiest bed you’ve ever seen. We chose to drive the scenic route back home through the Cotswolds and stop in at a lovely pub on the drive up for a burger.

It was the kind of slow getaway that we’d dreamed of and regretted not staying for a little longer. I think I’m going to book another surprise weekend away somewhere like for us, as we could both do with a break.

I really recommend visitng both places, I wish we had more time to go around Longleat, we’d definitely think of returning during the summer months as we didn’t get to see the Elephants, giraffe’s and a few other animals due to time constainsts and the cold weather. I wouldn’t mind trying out a few more resturants and relaxing in the enormous bed again either! If you want to see more snaps of my adventures, check out my instagram!

Tarnya xox

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