5 Ways I’m Being Money Smart In 2019.

Over the past year, I’ve had to move house 3 times. I’ve had to pay deposits, final bills and van hires, I’ve had to re-learn how to live by myself after living with a partner for the best part of 6 years. As you can imagine this was not expected and has cost me a small fortune. But I’ve learned alot of lessons I wish I didn’t have to learn as an almost 30 year old woman with no savings. So today I’m going to share some ways I’m being money smart in 2019.

5 ways i'm being money smart in 2019 www.sweetallure.co.uk

Changing to a sim only phone contract

The one luxury I’ve always treated myself to over the years is a new phone. I would always upgrade whenever I could as I enjoy having the latest iPhone and I use my phone pretty much non-stop, so the money was always justifyable to me.

2019 is the year I’ve decided to change that. My contract ends in approximately 3 weeks and I couldn’t tell you the amount of time I’ve eyed up a new phone contract or what phone I could afford to buy outright but no, I will not be tempted anymore. I’ve decided to change my contract over to a SIM only one and I’ll be saving around £450 a year! With contracts being minimum 3 years now, that’s a whopping amount of money that i’d rather spend on travelling and enjoy life. The prices of phone’s now days is astronomical and the camera leaps aren’t particulary massive this time around. So i’m going to hold off for a few years and see how I feel then.

Cancelling ‘premium’ subscriptions.

If i’m honest, I only joined spotify premium about 5 months ago. It was bliss for awhile to listen un-interupted to Will Smith – Getting Jiggy With It on repeat but lets be honest, it’s not worth paying £120 a year for.

I then started thinking about the other things I subscribed to, Amazon Prime and Audible and whether I really needed those services. I added up that if I cancelled all 3 of these things I’d save myself around £300 a year. Which when you think about it, is kinda bonkers. If you add together just those and my phone contract, that’s the best part of 1k a year from just random stuff I let go out of my bank account every month without thinking.

Making a 2019 saving’s account.

I have to admit, I’m a massive control freak, so the idea of having 12 online only accounts in my bank account for every kind of thing, makes me happy in a weird organised way. But having an account that is specifically just for the savings I’m making this year has really help inspire me to keep going.

I’ve set up a standing order that takes £15 from my main account every week and puts it in my 2019 savings, so I don’t even have to think about it. That doesn’t sound like much, but if you do that for an entire year that’s £780 you’ve put to one side. I mean, would you even notice the amount going out? It’s 1 less Nando’s a week, or a few less coffee’s. I totally am with those people that want to spend money on that, I did for a long time! But it means so much more to me now when I do ‘treat’ myself and I’d much rather go on a holiday with that money instead and live life.

Selling all of my old crap.

During those times where I did spend a bunch of money on random crap, it meant that I accumulated alot of stuff. One of the big things I want to do is start selling off all the things I don’t want/haven’t used. This includes a bunch of digital camera, including my Olympus Pen (holla at me if you want to buy a brand new Olympus Pen that’s probably been used twice) and a bunch of film for my polaroid’s that I just never ended up using that someone else would get great use out of.

Basically, I have too much stuff and I’d rather sell it and let someone else use/love it and get some money back to spend on experiences instead. Although it’s a pretty big task taking photo’s of everything and listing things, but it’s something I really need to do.

Make lunches instead of buying lunches.

This is probably one of the easiest ways to save money and yes I’m aware it’s on every money saving list going. It’s true though and quite an easy one to do. You can so easily spend £5 a day on lunch when at work, that quickly adds up to £100 a month. When you can just take leftovers from your meal the night before, make the most of meal planning or become best friends with soup. I’ve been doing this recently and saved a bunch of money and maybe once a week i’ll treat myself to a paid for lunch.

How are you planning to save money this year?

I hope some of these tips have helped give you some ideas about how to cut down on your spending, or even give you the jumpstart to switch up your mentality around what you’re sending your money on.

If you have any other ideas on being money smart, please let me know in the comments below so I can incorperate them into my 2019 money saving movement!

Tarnya xox

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